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A little heads up on what this blogpost is about. Yes, it’s about my recent trip to Dubrovnik, Croatia.

If you’re a fan of Game Of Thrones, you should be able to recognize this place immediately.


*GOT song plays

Let me start from way before I got this offer to visit this beautiful country.

So, 2 years ago me and Jo were planning which country we should visit. We knew we wanted to go to the beach because both of us love beaches! I thought about Santorini because everyone has been telling me it’s a MUST visit place but we are not into Santorini because it’s too mainstream lol. Suddenly, JO was like why not we visit Croatia? I was like What? Where? and how do u spell a? Jo googled image Dubrovnik to me I straight away said YES!

That’s how Dubrovnik, Croatia has been in our must-visit-country-list since 2 years ago. We planned to visit last year but failed because we moved into our new place and we spent most of our budget on renovations and all. So we told ourselves, it’s ok we go in 2016, and we set our goal to visit Croatia in 2016 and WE DID IT!

I feel so lucky that we managed to visit this beautiful country as planned and to make even more awesome, I received a fully sponsored trip from Turkish Airlines to visit Dubrovnik, Croatia while we were in the midst of planning! I still cant believe the timing!

This sponsored trip was a 4D3N trip and then I extended another 3 nights in Dubrovnik so JO can meet me for the rest of my stay.

Ok, let me go through everything with u guys with pictures!

DSC01369I took a mid night flight from KUL to Istanbul and had a 5 hour transit in the airport. It was my first time visiting Istanbul airport so everything was super new to me hahaha. Finally, it was time to board my connecting flight from Istanbul to Dubrovnik, my final destination.

DSC01374My flight from Istanbul to Dubrovnik was the first flight in this route so we were welcomed with desserts and drinks at the boarding gate!


I was also greeted with a small little door gift in the plane. The duration of the flight was around 2 hours.


Once we boarded, we were given a rolled letter as a menu on the flight. It feels like I was in the scene of GOT haha.

DSC01381My breakfast of the day, a few different types of cheese with chicken slice. I really like it when they serve cheese and biscuits in the morning! I also tried out their homemade lemonade which was really tasty.


Look at the super cute looking chef serving us haha.

DSC01383Before I doze off, we were all given a tag so that they can recognize us during the ground tour. This trip that I joined was a media trip, so I was the only blogger in the trip but I’m so glad that I joined because I got to know editors and writers from countries like Canada, Turkey, Taiwan, Japan and Korea!

DSC01389The view from the top of Dubrovnik, Croatia.



DSC01397When we landed we were greeted with water canons and also a traditional dance.



Then we went straight to the press conference and lounge for more local food!


I couldn’t wait to explore the city when I was in the bus ride from airport to our first destination, Dubrovnik Cable car ! The weather that day was perfect, not too hot and it was really sunny! It’s a perfect day for us to explore the Old City! Look at the view on the way up the hill!

DSC01422 DSC01423 DSC01428

We had our 3 course lunch at Panorama Restaurant. My first time seeing such big piece of tuna hahahaha. it was also my first time trying fresh seafood salad that only had seafood and no vegetables. Their seafood isreally fresh especially the octopus!


The view from my lunch was really breath taking.

DSC01437 DSC01438 DSC01439DSC01444

Then right after lunch, we met up with our walking-tour guide so he can show us around the Old City  while sharing some history of this place. I was trying to take pictures of the flag (4th pic), the tour guide mentioned the country of this flag does not longer exist which i find it pretty interesting. Croatia was part of Yugoslavia before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Well if you’re GOT fan, this is where Arya Stark got stabbed by the Waif and she jumped into a river. This is also one of the City Gates of the Old City. (3rd pic)



Look at the water and the buildings! I really want to revisit this place again. This is where the rich park their boats.

DSC01447 DSC01449 DSC01450

Every corner of the Old City is picture worthy. I’m so glad I brought Sony A7 to this trip!


Then we slowly moved on to City Walls!


The view is so pretty I cannot T___T Pardon my come straight from the airport look haha.

DSC01472 DSC01475 DSC01477

The view on top of the City Walls.

DSC01471I was standing at the top of the City Walls and it was where GOT filmed, The House of the Undying.

DSC01480After 20 mins walk on the Walls,we headed down to the main street of the Old City.

DSC01488The main clock tower on the street =)

DSC01489I had to take a picture of the famous walk of shame down from the Sept of Balor in GOT!

DSC01496 DSC01497

There are a lot of small little alleys along the main street, that’s where you can find restaurants, shops and also Game of Thrones souvenir shops haha.

DSC01498 DSC01499After few hours of exploring the Old City, we headed back to our hotel to check-in and get some rest before the Gala Dinner. The view of the lobby is insanely beautiful, over looking blue seas and cliffs.

DSC01500 DSC01506 DSC01508

I was super satisfied with my stay at Rixos Libertas Hotel. It’s spacious, clean with a modern interior design and not to forget I also got the sea view room with a huge balcony!

DSC01516 DSC01518

The view from my balcony!!!

DSC01523After 2 hours of rest plus freshening up, we hopped on to our bus and headed off to the Gala Dinner that was held in a fortress.

DSC01526The Gala dinner was in Club Revelin! it was a 500 year old fortress!

DSC01528 DSC01533 DSC01543The view from the fortress was amazing especially during sunset!


Local dance to welcome us and the Mayor of Dubrovnik.

DSC01546The table setting makes me feels like I was in a scene of Beauty and The Beast hahaha.

I ended my night earlier than everyone else because I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer, stupid jetlag T_T. I went back to the hotel and called it the night at around 10pm haha.

The plan for the next day was to visit a few small islands called the Elaphite Islands so it’s better I get some sleep so I can have more energy to explore new places!

To Be Continued…


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