Fly To Seoul X The Face Shop

    So, for those of who are following my Instagram should know that I have recently traveled to Seoul with The Face Shop! It was indeed a short but super fun trip because of the company (Sasa, Bell and Akiyo!) I had with me and also the weather was great!

    I have never been to Seoul and when I did, I visited Seoul twice in a row. Seoul has been always in my to-visit-country list after watching every episode of Runningman. My first visit to Seoul was a month before this trip, I went there on a leisure trip with Nana and Karen. It was OK, we didnt really have much time to explore around because we spent a lot of time figuring out the subway route wtf, we were literally lost hahahaha and we stayed in Gangnam which is super crazy far from all the shopping areas FOL.

    Anyway, when I knew that I will be going back to Seoul with TFS I was pretty happy because I really want to revisit Seoul and explore more! I was secretly hoping I will be staying at Myeongdong or other parts of Seoul but guess what, I’m back in Gangnam again hahahha. To be honest, after my 2nd visit to Gangnam I sort of like it here! Ok let me share some pictures and caption instead of just words.


    We took the mid-night AA flight from KUL to Seoul! Thanks TFS for the flat bed seats and TFS even prepared a set of toiletries for us to clean up and pamper our skin in-flight!! Thank god for the flat bed I slept like a baby the moment we took off till we landed.

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