Yes! To Rio

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I was invited to join the launch of Yes! World Cup Champaign last week in Lot 10. I love attending events in KL because I get to have lunch and play with Fighter after the events! Hehehe

To keep it brief, #YesToRio is a nationwide online football game contest that’s stated to end on 31 May 2014. Two grand prize winners will go on an all-expense paid trip to watch the final match of 2014′s biggest football event live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I was so lucky ‘cause I got to play the game earlier than anyone else hehehe, and I seriously hope I get to go to Brazil!!!

DSC01279      The event was held at LOT 10, KL and it’s only for invited media and bloggers *proud

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Nuffnang Is 007!!!!

Super love over-due posts LOL, Nuffnang’s birthday party was actually a few weeks ago hahaa. I didnt have time to blog about it until now T___T

I cant believe Nuffnang is 7 years old, so big boy edi!

DSC01210Jo and I were invited to Nuffnang 007 birthday bash in Barbecue Garden, KL. The theme of the party was James Bond: Lost in Amazon!! When I first heard of James Bond I tot, OK LA I know what to wear edi! Then I found out the venue is an outdoor restaurant… I was like …………………. then I tot well Bond girls are always known to be very sexy! So I decided to wear my full black bare back outfit! Jo wore a coat with shorts LOL.

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Cryo Treatment By DRx

Yet another beauty post! Hehehe it has been a while since I last shared something about my facial experiences right?! I always share experiences with my friends and I will tell them “Go try la, it’s really worth it one!!”

This round I got to try out DRx Cryorejuvenation therapy a few weeks ago! My overall experience was AWESOME! If you really like the cold feeling on your skin, this is a must try treatment for you! Especially right after you have done carbon laser!

What is Cryorejuvenation??

Cryorejuvenation involves the use of a special Cryoiontophoresis machine which has the ability to push active ingredients into the skin via electrical currents. It’s more effective than traditional iontophoresis as the cold property (the frozen handpiece is between -10oc and 00c) allows more powerful currents to deliver the active ingredient while protecting the surface skin from burning.


Remember last time I mentioned that DRx has finally opened another branch that only caters to facials? It’s like a little spa room, the interior is really relaxing and comfortable! I’m so happy when they announced that they will be opening a DRx Medispa, say bye bye to all the waiting! More rooms means more people get to enjoy their facials at the same time!

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What Happens In Your Mouth…

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Today, I’m sharing one of the reasons why I log on to Facebook everyday, it’s because I like to check out all the creative and fun Facebook Apps like this one by Choclairs!!

I’m sure most of you have heard of Choclairs, it’s caramel coated candy and with chocolate filling in the center, gives me unique, joyful and surprising sensory experience when eating. Curious huh? I even found more surprises when I’m exploring this new game called…


The name of the game fits perfectly with Choclairs because of the unique texture created by the caramel and chocolate filling, you would be surprised with every bite! Something unique that’s personal for YOU to enjoy!

Let me show you how this app works!

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Oooo Abs…

Halo all, this is going to be a short update ya!!!

This week will be my 2nd week going to the gym, and so far so good! I’ve started to like going to the gym right after work because I get to de-stress!!

Thank god, I have Jo as my gym partner, he always makes sure that I push myself a little bit more each day! Sooner or later I will get to see the vest line on my abs edi !

This is for our Lang Tengah trip and for all the cropped tops!!!

C360_2014-04-06-21-26-16-568I’ve started doing planks since Sunday! It hurts like fuckkkckckck, i can only hold it for 25 seconds at most T____T I’m trying to achieve 45 seconds then 1 min!!

If you’re wondering, I just got myself a personal abs trainer, which is Shirley lol. She showed me her abs and vestline then I was like “U HAVE TO TRAIN ME!”

Her abs workout routine was torturing, I dont know how she manages to do side planks for 1 min … I can only last 15 seconds for side planks hahahhaa.

photo 1Besides training on my own, we also attend some classes like Fastfit, Floating Yoga and TRx! I prefer going to classes in Mid Valley because there’s more participants and you get to try a lot of things!

photo 2

Another good thing about joining the gym is that, when there is no water supply at home, you can also shower in the gym LOL. I super love the shower room in Setia Walk, it’s freaking clean and empty hahahah, so you can walk around naked HEHEHEHEHE

Short update is short, so kthxbye!


By the way, I have chosen the winners for Herbal Essences NEO GAL party this weekend!

They are….




Vivien Tan (blog)

Kahmon (blog)


Please kindly email me your contact number, IC, and full name to my email at

See you girls there!!!


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