Trip of Wonders – Sasak Sade Traditional Village, Lombok

    Lets continue from my #TripOfWonders in Indonesia shall we?

    We took a short flight to our 2nd destination, Lombok, from Makassar the night before. The next morning we packed our bags and set off early to visit Sasak Sade Traditional Village. Sasak Sade Traditional Village is one of the tribal villages that is located in Lombok. The most unique thing about this village has got to be the straw huts that you can see from afar.

    The moment we reached the entrance of the village we were greeted by the locals in a very festive way. We were welcomed with color sashes (scarfs) that were made by the villagers. One thing I love about this village was that it’s filled with a lot of colors, including their costume, makeup and accessories.

    The villagers were very friendly and talented, most of them can dance and sing very well!

    After spending around 2 hours at the village walking around and taking pictures, we departed to Gili Island! We arrived at Gili Island in the evening  so we went straight to have BBQ dinner at the beach. Right after dinner, the three of us decided to go for foot massage before we called it a day.



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