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    Current Skincare – YEHWADAM

    I recently received a comment from one of my readers asking, why didn’t I do a review on THE FACE SHOP products that I got during my trip to Korea, so I thought, hmmmm yea why haven’t I blogged about it? So, since I have been using YEHWADAM Revitalizing Anti-Aging Line for a few months, I should share about my personal experience of this line!

    So, to those who have never heard of YEHWADAM it’s actually one of the many ranges from THE FACE SHOP. I was first introduced to this line when I was in Seoul with THE FACE SHOP last year and you can read about my trip here.

    The reason why I like YEHWADAM is because this is the only skincare range from TFS that contains traditional herbs and flower extracts. If you have been following me long enough you should know I was born in a traditional Chinese medicinal family. My grandpa and my twin sister are both doctors in this line, so I’m more easily convinced when a product contains Chinese herbs.


     Let me roughly explain what is YEHWADAM. YE meaning herbs and plants, HWA referring to flowers and DAM as in story behind the beauty secrets of Korean women. The main ingredients in this line are Korean Ginseng, Saffflower and Goji Berry. These are the ingredients that you will commonly see when it comes to health or body maintenance. I’m currently using YEHWADAM anti-aging line which is the basic line. If you’re aged around 20-30 and thinking to start your anti-aging regiment, this line will be the perfect line for you.

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