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    Growing up in my grandpa’s traditional Chinese medicine shop, I always hear my grandparents say, “Aiyo, your back pain ah? Use Yoko Yoko lah. It’s very good relieving pain.” So, Yoko Yoko was one of the many trusted brands that I grew up with.


    When I was young I hardly had back pain but I still used Yoko Yoko for its cooling effect. Because of the cooling ingredients I would apply a small amount on my neck and when the weather was hot, especially back when air conditioning wasn’t as commonplace as now. So much memories with AMMELTZ YOKO YOKO.


    Recently, I have been introduced to the AMMELTZ YOKOYOKO HEAT PATCH MENSTRUAL PAIN. I’m very familiar with this brand so I gave it a try! I sometimes have severe menstrual pain due to my irregular cycles every month and I’m a big fan of cold drinks and ice! I’m trying my best to cut down my intake on these but with the sizzling hot weather I can’t help it. I heard a lot stories on the side effects of pain killers so usually I will just try my best to endure the pain and try to warm my lower tummy using a hot towel.

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