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    ReLEx SMILE – Procedure

    It’s finally time, the day I most looked forward to! I can finally get rid of my specs for good! I was so excited for the procedure because I have been wearing glasses for more than 15 days straight and it’s super troublesome and unflattering.

    My  procedure was scheduled for 2.30pm in Optimax TTDI, and just so you know, the reason why I did it in TTDI was because the machine for ReLEx Smile is there. As for check ups and examinations I did them in Sri Petaling. I have been told that I’m not allowed to wear any perfume, no make up or skincare and to bring a pair of sun glasses on the day. The good thing is that I dont have to fast and I can eat whatever I want before going to the clinic.

    I reached Optimax an hour earlier to check-in at the counter and to performed the final round of eye examination before the procedure.

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