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Malaysia First NEO GAL Party!!

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First of all, I would like to thank those who participated in the Herbal Essences contest that I hosted few weeks ago on Instagram and my blog! So sorry that I couldn’t choose all the participants to attend the Herbal Essences NEO GAL party with me last week, but let me make up for it by sharing what happened at the event OK!

Herbal Essences NEO GAL party was held at The Roof, Bandar Utama and the theme was NEO GAL, obviously lol. I arrived at the party an hour earlier to avoid the jam and also take pictures of set up before everyone arrived, super kiasu, hahaha

You should know that Herbal Essences uses naturally-derived ingredients such as palm oil, coconut oil and rapeseed oil as active ingredients that constitute the formula. They have recently launched the Japanese Series which is specially formulated with Natural Ingredients like Rose and Camelia Oil so you can revel in touch ably smooth hair with long lasting fragrance in just 1 use.It comes in two different scents, purple lavender and sweet rose! So, following this same theme, Herbal Essence converted The Roof into a very sweet looking place!

1 The sweet rose booth, it’s also Cheeserland’s station.

2Everything was decorated in pink and candies!

3 The sweet rose booth is my favorite because it’s pink and it has a bathtub, and rubber ducks too!

4Purikura before the event with Aud, Cheesie, Nana and Jane!

5 The purple lavendar booth which was stationed by Chuckei. The background looks so real in pictures!!! Hahaha

O yah, My Neo Gal inspired outfit!

Top- Topshop
Denim Jacket- Jo’s
Black maxi skirt- ASOS
Heels- H&M
Bag- Chanel

6Audrey and I taking over the booth lol.

7Photobooths are always the center of the attention at any party!

8It has been a while since I’ve last seen Cheesie, her baby bump is so big now compared to the last time I saw her!! OMG, can’t wait to meet her baby!

9IC The lighting of the venue also matched perfectly with the themes!!

10Everyone’s Neo Gal inspired look! Which outfits do you like best??

11 At the purple lavendar booth, you could decorate your own hairband but I didn’t get to do one because it was so crowded T___T

12 And over at the sweet rose booth, participants could decorate cupcakes!!! I did a few and it’s pretty fun!

13 Must selfie with it because it’s the first cupcake I ever decorated!

14 Tried to make one which looks like a sweet girl but failed miserably… Looks like a monster

15There is also a booth to cure your sweet tooth!

16 Besides decorating hairbands and cupcakes, there were many other really cool activities for the participants, such as this manicure booth!!!

17 Spray on tattoo??

18 Hair coloring booth by using hair chalk!

19 Me, well, I took all the time I had to selfie with all the props hahha. Everything looks so cute and sweet!!

20Audrey and I! Coincidentally we both wore a denim jacket heheh

21Cheesie, the mummy to be!

22 My handsome boy, Fighter was at the party too!!!! Hehehe

23 Aud, Me, and Nana with Jane, the DJ for the day!! Too bad I had to leave early so I didn’t get to watch her spin!

24 There were also a few live performances on stage!

And after that, there was a Q&A session for us, where we get to share our experiences on how to sweeten our bath time experience, and also why do we like Herbal Essences! It was pretty fun to share our opinions with everyone!

25 Not to forget, thanks so much to those who came and had fun with us!! Thanks for tagging us too <3

I have been using Herbal Essences Purple Lavender for quite a while now and I love how it gives my hair a soft and creamy floral scent. Besides that, it also helps to keep my usually dry and frizzy coloured hair, soft and moisturized! My friends ask me how is my hair still soft after styling (using curler and hair dryer) I told them as long as you’re using the right shampoo, styling won’t harm your hair, and not just that, it will help to hold your styling longer!

Thanks to Herbal Essences for the awesome party and giving us a good opportunity to meet a lot of new friends!!



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