The Extraordinary of Perth – II

This post is a continuation from my previous blogpost on Perth. I have too many nice pictures to share so have to split them into 2 postings =)

DSC09645As usual, woke up early to have breakfast at our hotel, then off we went to visit the superstar wildlife from Australia! Warning sign should give you a hint! Yes, we visited Caversham Wildlife Park in Swan Valley. If you’re visiting with kids, they will love it here because they get to pet and get close with some of the animals.


The first superstar that we visited at the park was Mr Kangaroo! I met Mr Kangaroo on my last trip to Queensland but I have never seen so many of them!!


especially those in white!!! Waw I was so popular everyone rushing to kiss my hand lol.


More coming to kiss my hand! This is what happened in Caversham Wildlife Park, you can pet and take selfies with a Kangaroo or Koala anytime!


I also took picture with Wombat for the second time but this was the first time I’ve seen such a big Wombat haha.



Super frenly and cute Koala named Karen =)


Spent some time watching the farm show and learned how they shear a sheep.

DSC09677Then bumped into my twins lol cox we’re both wearing the same color hahahhaa.



Then we had lunch at Oakover Grounds! If you’re a person who loves wines tasting and also coffee then this is the place for you!

DSC09701We get to visit the factory and see how the make ciders and wines.

DSC09718Besides wine, we also get to see how they roast coffee beans and where they store most of the beans!


Cheese platter as appetizer!

DSC09708 DSC09711 DSC09715

Their pork belly was really good! It’s so juicy and crispy!

IMG_4358The weather was good that day so Karen and I hopped on to the paddle boat to enjoy the weather! In Oakover Grounds you will get to experience fishing, their coffee training room, wine tasting and also paddle boat!


Then we went for more cheese!!!! We visited Cheese Barrel which is located next to Olive Farm Wines!


Say cheeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



I really like the environment here, it has a great view from their back yard and you get to enjoy any kind of cheese that you want! I used to enjoy eating cheese with apricot but after visiting Cheese Barrel I found it way better if I eat it with honey!


The next day, we woke up super early to meet up with our new escort, Mark Jones, at our hotel lobby then off we went to visit Busselton which is approximately 3 hours from Perth city! First place that we visited was Busselton Jetty & Underwater Observatory. We took a short train ride from the port to the observatory, you can either walk or take the train it’s up to you =)


12376649_10103797801661942_1285431315978690915_nBusselton Jetty & Underwater Observatory!


The observatory is host to a “forest” of vividly-coloured tropical and sub-torpical marine life. More than 300 species of marine life have been recorded beneath the Busselton Jetty! It’s so pretty, you have to see them in real life!



Our lunch spot was The Goose and it’s located a short walk from the jetty!

DSC09764 DSC09765

I had a glass of hoe chocolate to warm my body because it was quite windy at the jetty and a beef burger with fries!

DSC09768 DSC09770

We also visited Vasse Virgin, where u can find handmade organic soaps or body care! Look at the colorful balls of soaps! I wish I can bring them home and they are perfect gifts for my girl friends!

I got myself the natural olive oil body polish because it can be used as a body or face scrub!




Then we visited Canal Rocks, the most beautiful place in the region! If you’re here please make sure that you spend min 1 hour here to enjoy the view and take a lot of pictures!! Hehehe


Our stay in Margaret River was at Darby Park Service Residences Margaret River which is owned by Sime Darby Malaysia! Hahaha,  this residence is perfect for solo travelers or family! It’s located a short walk to many cafes, bars, galleries and gift shops. Hint for those who love grocery shopping because this residence is very near to Target supermarket =)


After checking in and settling down, we took a short walk to the venue of our dinner which is Elkamo. When we got seated at our table they served us a cotton candy cocktail as refreshment, everyone was quite amazed by how cute the cocktail looks like.


More oysters please =)

DSC09803 DSC09805 DSC09808 DSC09809Everything that they served was very yummy especially the main dish which was coconut chicken with rice (Thai fusion) just when I was craving to have rice!



White Elephant Beach Cafe is the reason why I want to revisit Margaret River again in summer, the view, the sea and this restaurant it’s so perfect to just chill and get myself tanned.


The weather that morning was so cold, if I’m not mistaken it was around 11 c or something. The WA Tourism escort already warned us the weather in Margaret River will be different from Perth city T__T but I didnt bring enough warmer clothing lol.

DSC09817When it’s cold your body needs a lot of food, or that’s my excuse, so I ordered French toast with pudding and a big breakfast lol.


Breakfast with a view, I dont mind doing it everyday.

DSC09830After breakfast, we went for a Bushtucker Tour.








P1230214 copy

In the Bushtucker tour you can enjoy flat water canoeing , paddling upstream to visit a number of sites along the riverbank, explore the bush, and walking along the ridge to a cave within the cliff-face. They also provide a lunch that gives you the opportunity to taste a variety of indigenous food and learn about the medicinal properties of plant found within the area.









After exercising, we were brought to Voyager Estate for lunch. Voyager Estate is located in the premium wine producing region of Margaret River, WA. Their vines date back to 1978, just over 10 years after vines were first planted. One thing I love about dining here is that, each dish that they served will be accompanied by a postcard that tells the story of the dish. On the postcard, the name of the dish is written and also the ingredients. It’s such an unique and special way to keep a memory of the dishes that we had. Each dish is also paired with a wine that compliments the dish very well.





On the last day of our trip, we had breakfast at Margaret River Bakery which is just a short walk from our stay. I’m in love with the interior design of this cafe, it’s so homey and cozy! It feels like we were eating at someone’s house.

DSC09906Their teapot is the cutest thing I have ever seen!




It’s about time to head to the airport but before that, we had lunch at Cicerello’s in Mandurah. They are famous for their fish and chips and it’s HUGE! Look at the comparison of my hand and a plate of fish and chips. At first we thought we will be sharing this but nope, they gave us each a plate  T___T. Im not complaining because their tartar sauce is super good and the batter of the fish is just nice and crispy!





Finally, it’s time for us to board the plane home and I was super looking forward to it because we were travelling on AirAsia Premium Flatbed! I can just sleep all the way to Malaysia. If you forgot to get a flatbed when you’re purchasing your ticket dont worry, becasue you can simply upgrade to Flatbed when you’re in the check in counter =)


Last but not least, thanks to AirAsiaX and Western Australia Tourism for this memorable trip! This trip was so relaxing and nice, I was fed with good food every few hours and I have no complains haha.


I also need to thank Travel Recommends for providing me with unlimited pocket wifi throughout the trip so that I can keep in touch with Jo all the time and also share pretty pictures with my followers on Instagram.

Till we meet again, Perth


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