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Growing up in my grandpa’s traditional Chinese medicine shop, I always hear my grandparents say, “Aiyo, your back pain ah? Use Yoko Yoko lah. It’s very good relieving pain.” So, Yoko Yoko was one of the many trusted brands that I grew up with.


When I was young I hardly had back pain but I still used Yoko Yoko for its cooling effect. Because of the cooling ingredients I would apply a small amount on my neck and when the weather was hot, especially back when air conditioning wasn’t as commonplace as now. So much memories with AMMELTZ YOKO YOKO.


Recently, I have been introduced to the AMMELTZ YOKOYOKO HEAT PATCH MENSTRUAL PAIN. I’m very familiar with this brand so I gave it a try! I sometimes have severe menstrual pain due to my irregular cycles every month and I’m a big fan of cold drinks and ice! I’m trying my best to cut down my intake on these but with the sizzling hot weather I can’t help it. I heard a lot stories on the side effects of pain killers so usually I will just try my best to endure the pain and try to warm my lower tummy using a hot towel.


I’m so glad that AMMELTZ YOKOYOKO HEAT PATCH MENSTRUAL PAIN understands how troublesome and hard it is for us to heat up the towel using hot water every few minutes when we’re in pain. AMMELTZ YOKOYOKO HEAT PATCH MENSTRUAL PAIN helps to solve one of the most important issues we have to deal with!


AMMELTZ YOKOYOKO HEAT PATCH MENSTRUAL PAIN is an air-activated heat patch that generates heat up to 40°C. By just opening the sachet, the natural therapeutic heat will last for 8 hours and helps relieve menstrual pain. It effectively improves blood circulation, reducing symptoms of menstrual pain. All I need to do is to stick it on my lower abdomen and I’m done! No more running around reheating my towels!


Heat therapy targets pain at its root cause as it helps improve blood circulation. By warming up the affected area, the volume of blood flow increases and it produces vasodilation, which increases the supply of oxygen and removal of metabolic waste. This leads to better healing and reduced pain. No fragrance or medicinal ingredient is used. It’s thin, odorless and simple design is easy for us to conveniently to pack into our pocket or bag. You can use it any where and any time.


AMMELTZ YOKOYOKO HEAT PATCH MENSTRUAL PAIN can be found in most leading pharmacies, such as Watson, Guardian, Caring, as well as other independent pharmacies nearest to you. It’s selling at RM11.50 for a pack of 2 pcs.

If you’re interested to try out a free trial pack, comment WHY you want it! I will choose some of you to try it out!


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