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Take a Deep Breath…

Today, I’m going to talk about the smell in my room. Not sure about you, but I’m usually very very sensitive when it comes to smell or odors hahaha. I have a very sensitive nose like a mouse kekeke. Whenever I step into my room the first thing I do is to make sure it doesnt smell funny. With the rainy weather (rained a lot) recently, the moisture in the air creates a very funky smell when I leave my room door closed the whole time. Besides that, I usually workout in my room because then I get to workout in my underwear and sport bra hahahha sexy or not! So my room will smell of sweat and all la. Quite disgusting la come to think of it. I have been looking for something that can help to ease away the funky smell or the sweaty smell. I have tried a lot of products like Febreeze, air fresheners, perfume or even charcoal! None of them works because my room is quite big, around 600+sqft. I need something that can continuously provide good scents in my room. I cant use something that is temporary like Febreeze or air fresheners. I was quite frustrated so I decided to just spray my perfume instead =___=

Then one day, I went back to KP and saw Gin’s clinic using aromatic oils. The smell is good, enough to envelope her whole clinic, and I was quite amazed by the little burner hehe. Gin got hers from Thailand when we traveled there a few months back and hers was quite expensive… My dad got it for her at around a few hundred dollars!

I was quite lucky because a few days after that, I received an email from Palaisdorspa. They are willing to send a few of their products for me to try. Talk about being lucky ah, it comes in just when I need it.

A little philosophy from Palaisdorspa!

At Palais D’or, we would like to present our essential oils for improved physical, mental and emotional well-being of our customers. Many people are unaware that essential oils have been around for many millennia. They are in fact, known to be some of the oldest and most powerful substances on earth. Essential oils are the pure essence extracted from plants and are often referred to as nature’s living energy. It can provide both psychological and physical benefits when used correctly.

Palaisdorspa has a lots of aroma burners for you to choose from. If you prefer candle burners they have a few designs and if you prefer electronic ones they have them too!

CYMERA_20131020_171926After looking back and forth at their page I decided on an electronic one because I’m very paranoid with candles hahaha. I’m scared it might burn my room =___= They have a few cute designs like elephants, palm leaves, bubbles, butterflies and etc. I chose palm leaves because it matches the theme of this corner in my room. Looks like a resort hor…


All you have to do is add water and drop a few drops of the essential oil, then relax and enjoy the scent! I usually turn off it when I go to bed because the light is too bright hahaha and the water will dry up so I have to keep an eye on the water level =)

I tried Geranium Rose Essential Oil on the first day and Jo was like “I cannot smell anything also”. I said, “Be patient, it takes a little time!” Then on the second day, I started to smell the rose scents when I walked into my room. I was so happy haha, I finally found something that WORKS! Then I continued turning on the burner whenever I’m in my room. The smell lasts quite long, and it lasted a day even if I didn’t turn it on whole day! I told Jo “You can now eat nasi lemak or KFC in our room.” LOL


Each and every scent have different functions, such as, lemon helps to calm the mind and relieve stress. Rose helps to balance the secretion of sebum on oily skin and lavender is good for insomnia as it reduces stress and tension, promoting better sleep! I have tried a few days of the rose scent so now I changed it to grapefruit!

I personally think the price that they are selling at is quite reasonable. The price ranges from around RM105- RM160 for a burner and RM50-RM85 for a 10ml essential oil. A 10 ml oil can last quite long because you just need to drop 3-4 drops each time!

If you love what you see then u’re lucky because you get 10% off if you key in “BOBO10%” in the checkout page. This discount is only valid from  22 Oct 2013 till 8 Nov 2013.

For information or inquiries please go to




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    Haha, Bobo my nose also is quite sensitive one! Always can smell farts (so disgusting!!!) and any smelly smell while no one else can smell!!! I wish everywhere got nice smell T_T

    October 23, 2013 at 12:41 am
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