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Hello Kitty turns 35

So, I was bored so I started to do some “window shopping” at, the official web site for Hello Kitty. If you know me well, you know I love Hello Kitty more than anything.

Prove: My self made clip board

She is cute, she loves pink, she has a twins sister named Mimi ( Mimi is wearing a yellow bow on her right ear), she has a lovely boyfriend and she loves to bake apple pie and she lives in a world which is fulled of kindhearted friends and pink color. OK, so I was at her web site and I found out that she turns 35, can you believe this petite girl is already 35 years old. She celebrates her 35th by filling your heart and the world with color.

Well click on the kitty head to find out more about the celebration and also check out her cute little video.

Beside that, I also found some interesting thing for my coming Iphone. Yupe, planning to get one because my phone broke and my extra phone that I’m using is on its way to heaven too. Ok, check out this Hello Kitty Iphone case, it is made out of over 1,000 pieces Swarovski crystals and it costs $323.19.

I know it’s freaking expensive right, so I have changed my mind from buying to making it by myself. Below is how mine is going to look like, wish me luck ok. Don’t worry Jo will be taking care of the drawing/outline and I will do the rest.

Well, they also came out some cute application for Iphone/Ipod touch users, such as Hello Kitty’s wallpaper, Hello Kitty dress up game and the most interesting Hello Kitty Camera. Hello Kitty camera is for those who loves to take sticker picture at those little pink colored shop in most of the mall back in Malaysia, but unfortunately get stuck in The States. yupe I’m mentioning myself, with this application you get to take or create hellokitty’s sticker picture thru your I phone/Ipod touch, isn’t it cool! So I have decided to purchase this application first thing I got my Iphone with only $2.99, it’s cheap compared to those machine =P

That’s it for now, good nites!


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  • Reply cheryl

    I love love the crystals on phones but I think the problem here is that its so damn expensive. The crystals can be found more in Malaysia and Singapore plus its so much cheaper.

    July 30, 2009 at 6:24 pm
  • Reply bobostephanie

    Cheryl- Yea I know… I found Swarovski crystals online, it’s 5 bucks for 5 pieces, damnit! I think I will try to find some others beads in the beads shop at westnedge =)

    July 30, 2009 at 6:27 pm
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