Our little getaway ♥ Day 1

It’s always fun to write a post on vacations, it makes you reminisce it. Yes, Im back from my little getaway with Jo. I have been wanting to visit Thailand since I was studying in the States.

And now my dream has come true. A few months back AirAsia was having a promotion, cheap airfares to Phuket, so why not? We booked our trip 2 months ago and ta da! The long awaited weekend was finally here.

Guess which is mine? Yes, both of them on the right… I really need to learn how to pack lightly and wisely.

I managed to take a quick shot of the airplane before boarding.

Some of my frens kept telling me their nasi lemak is really good and worth trying. So we decided to have our breakfast in the flight instead.

Unfortunately, they only served Nasi Lemak sotong in our aircraft so we changed to Chicken Briyani.

After 1 hour and 15 minutes, we’re finally here…

We checked into our room and then we instantly fell asleep. After 3 hours of napping, we went out to have lunch.

The minute we stepped out of our hotel, it started to rain. The wind was so strong and scary.

I was so mad at the grainy  day.

I took picture of their car plate instead of the very depressing weather.

We took a short walk around Patong Beach, looking for a local restaurant that served yummy thai food.

Thai milk tea is the best! The first thai milk tea I had was back in the States, it was too sweet cause American LOVES everything that contains a lot of sugar. After trying this one, I fell back in love with it.

Tom Yam Gong

Pad Thai my favorite.

I am not a fan of spicy food but I’m in love with Thai cuisine. Im considering moving to Thailand in the future, any company who wants to hire me? Maybe it’s not a good idea to write about my trip during lunch break, Im starving!

I love the way they decorate their Buddhist figurines, very colorful and happening.

Look at the sucky weather.

A few of my favorite pictures on the first day.

After lunch we headed to McD to have their Milk tea float, super delicious! Trust me, I had this 3 days straight, day and night!

A picture with  Mr Ronald McDonald greeting us in the traditional way is a MUST!

We went into Patong Shopping Paradise but the minute I walked in all I can see was pubs. Im pretty sure they named the place wrongly, it should be named as Patong Drinking Paradise instead.

Their electrical cables are really scary.

The weather starting to turn dark and it rained again… We ran back to our hotel but before that we stopped by their local mini mart to buy some snacks and drinks. We also managed to book a tour to Phi Phi Island and also tickets for their famous show, Simon Cabaret.

We went back to our room and I camwhored

After an hour of waiting, it was time for dinner.

We headed out to have dinner and decided to have Mcd. I always choose to have Mcd during vacations because I’m a super fan of McD and also I believe Mcd tastes different in different countries. So far, I have tried Mcd in London, Paris, Mexico, Taiwan, Thailand, US, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. Having Mcd when travel is one of my habits, albeit an unhealthy habit.

Tsunami evacuation route.

Dinner was satisfying, fast food always satisfies me. We went back to our room to get changed and went to hotel lobby to wait for our ride to Simon Cabaret, a famous show in Phuket.

Got there half and hour early to pick up our tickets. We got ourselves the VIP seats for a better view.

Frankly speaking, the show was the most boring show I have ever watched. It was full of dancing and singing with no storyline, the first 2 performances caught my attention and then during the 3rd one I was starting to get bored and was looking around for the Exit. The 4th song Jo told me that he fell asleep, then the 5th I lost all my attention until “DawnYang” came out to sing a mandarin song.

We were allowed to take pictures with your favorite girl in the hallway after the show.

The pink girl is one of my favorites too.

Im not sure about you guys but I really think that she looks like Dawn Yang, I look so manly standing beside her.

The first day was tiring but fun,we went back to rest quite early cause next day will be a long long day.

Stay tuned for day 2.


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  • Reply BabyQi

    I miss Thailand!! Haven’t been there since I was 9!!!!! -_-! Btw the first girl that you took photo with is very fair!! Wonder how she stays so fair?

    August 23, 2010 at 5:47 am
  • Reply BoboStephanie

    Hey BabyQi, I’m planning to go BKK in December! I love Thailand especially their food! Anyway I believe she did something to her skin like MJ, it’s kinda scary.

    August 23, 2010 at 9:03 am
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