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Keep It Hydrated For 12 Hours!

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Most of you should already know that I’m very concerned about my skin’s condition, as I have very dry skin. That’s why, I make sure that I keep my face moisturized everyday! There are a few things that I realized when my skin is really dry, first, when I try to apply concealer around my face, it’s harder for me to evenly spread concealer around my face! Second, when my face is dry, it becomes itchy, and lastly, I see fine lines around my face! These are the things that annoy the hell out of me. Most moisturizers only keeps your skin moisturized for a few hours after application, we need something that can keep our face moisturized for at least 12 hours! Especially now with the haze and the heat!

Finally, Olay launched a brand new moisturizer that can fulfill our humble needs! They are called Olay Aquaction, Intensive Nourishing Emulsion (Moisturizer) and Intensive Treatment (Night Mask)!

Olay Aquaction has hydralock technology, which makes it better than Hyaluronic acid, the golden standard of hydration! According to Olay, it’s 10 % more moisturizing than any another other moisturizers in the market! I understand it’s hard for you to believe without any proof!

DSC01026I did a little experiment on the moisture levels with a moisturizer monitor!

DSC01044 I will compare Olay Aquaction moisturizer with another brand so lets call it BRAND X.

DSC01009 What I did was, once I woke up in the morning, I tested the moisture level of my face without any skincare!

DSC01010The result of my face early in the morning is pretty depressing haha. It’s 22.5% which means my face only contains 22.5% of moisture (hello to fine lines). To make it worse, I was in an air-conditioned room throughout the night!

DSC01030 So to prevent this from happening, I will apply Olay Aquaction to try it out!

DSC01025I tried to apply it on my hand first and the gel is quite cooling and light! It’s just like applying a layer of water on my hand.


I applied Olay on the right side of my face, so Brand X will be on the left!

DSC01033 Test it with the moisture meter!

DSC01034The result is 65.5%!!!!! I was like “WAW” !!! I re-did the test again and the result was still 65%!! HOW CAN!!!

DSC01035 Then I applied Brand X and tested it on my left cheek!

DSC01036The result was 58%!! Around 7% less moisture compared to Olay Aquaction! I repeated the test again after a few mins just as before and the result dropped to 55% =( Now, compared to Olay Aquaction there is really a 10% difference in moisture level! That’s quite a big difference!

DSC01029Most importantly, Olay Aquaction can last up to 12 hours!!! I decided to put Olay Aquaction through a 12 hour test!!! So far, I have applied Olay Aquaction moisturizer on my right cheek and Brand X on my left cheek! I will then repeat the same tests again after 12 hours! Today’s plan is to head out for lunch with Jo, then attend an event in the evening! I cant wait to see what’s the end result of my test!



 I’m on full makeup because I just came back from an event! P/S: I cant remove my makeup because if I do, the moisturizer will get removed too! LOL

DSC01088 The result on my right cheek (Olay Aquaction), 33% is considered very good for me because it has been 12 hours and the moisture level is higher than early in the morning! Hahaha

DSC01089 Then the result on my left cheek (Brand X), 24.2%! It’s almost the same as when I just woke up = =” Obviously, Olay Aquaction WON!!!

DSC01091Thanks Olay for coming up with this awesome moisturizer that gives us soft, moist, and bouncy skin!!! I will definitely recommend it to my frens and my mum because my mum has terribly dry skin too hahhaha.

For more information, please check out Olay FB at


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  • Reply Angel Baroma

    You really look like Hebe Tian of S.H.E. Do you know her? 🙂

    May 22, 2014 at 1:06 am
  • Reply Kimchi

    Can I ask where can we get the moisturizer monitor in Malaysia? I couldn’t find it everywhere in pharmacy. 🙁

    June 20, 2014 at 1:41 pm
  • Reply Bobostephanie

    I have no idea =( mine was given by Olay sorry.

    June 20, 2014 at 1:47 pm
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