Day 1 @ Miami

I was supposed to blog about my Miami trip 2 months ago, so this is long overdue. I have been super busy moving my stuff into my new place and also trying to make Nacho shut up when I’m away. Another reason for not updating my blog was because my new place had no internet connection. I’ve already applied for Streamyx but they told me to wait for 2 weeks. fml

So, back to my original post…

I was in Miami trick.

I was pretty excited when I was on our flight to Miami, I’ve always wanted to go there. Sexy ladies, gorgeous beaches and shopping! After 3 days of staying in New Orleans we took a night flight from New Orleans to Miami. In case u forgot about my new orleans trip, click here , here and here.

Took a picture of Miami from the sky. I couldn’t remember what time we reached Miami Airport but Im pretty sure it was quite late cox by the time we got to our hotel all the restaurants were closed and they were cleaning our hotel lobby.

So we checked into our room and I took a few snap shots of it. I love the color of our room, it makes the room look super clean and tidy.

After settling down in our room, we headed out to have late dinner in a nearby 24hours restaurant. They have the biggest menu I have ever seen, and they serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper.

I was too tired, so I ordered chicken noodle soup.

Jo had a Chicken frisco melt with fries and coleslaw. After dinner we were too tired to walk around so we headed back to our room to get some rest.

Next morning, the weather was pretty good, it was sunny with slight breeze. We took a short walk around South Beach and looked for a nice restaurant to have breakfast.

Jo did a little bit of research back home and he suggested  a famous breakfast place just a few blocks down from our hotel, News Cafe.

We had to wait in a line because we chose to sit outside. I realized that I enjoyed outdoor activities much more when I was in the States than in Malaysia.

After a short while, we were brought to our table and it was just right in front of the restaurant and the main road.

I always order breakfast that has eggs, especially sunny side ups so I ordered a normal american breakfast and Jo ordered a grilled chicken burger.

I enjoyed having meal outside, everything was prefect

We took a short walk around South Beach right after our breakfast.

We also took a little morning walk around the beach.

Jo took this picture of me staring at the sand… I got a little emotional cox the weather was a little bit chilly wtf.

Then we walked past Versace’s crib , incase you didn’t know, he got killed in front of his house.

This is the hotel we stayed in when we were there, the Penguin Hotel located at South Beach, Miami. After our short walk around the beach, we headed back to our room to get changed. It’s time to hit the city!!

We went to Lincoln Road where they have a lot of local shops and coffee shops.

After this trip, palm trees always remind me of Miami.

Finally we have a picture of us together, the only disadvantage of traveling by ourselves.

A snap shot of my outfit of the day…

Miami Ink…

I suggested we should hang out at the beach during sunset. So we went back to get changed into beach wear and off we went.

It was quite windy and cold by the time we got there, so everyone was leaving.

It was quite cold so I was forced to wear my sweater instead.

This is my favorite shot, taken during sunset when the sky was colored in gold. ( without editing)

Another picture of us together…

We went back to our room and got some rest, then we went out to have dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. They served the best nachos and tacos in town!

Took a picture at Lummus Park…

I love the night view in South Beach, it reminds me of Las Vegas.

Jo suggested we should have a couple of drinks before heading back to our room so we decided in this “glow in the dark” pub.

Super cool concept and interior design.

We did quite a lot of stuff just for day one, and I found out that there is nothing much to do in Miami besides getting yourself tanned or drunk.

Well, Thats pretty much for day 1 and I will continue blogging about day 2 and 3 soon, so stay tuned.


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