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I’m Restarting Kayla 1.0!

Hi all, it has been a while since I last blogged about my fitness journey and obviously the reason is because I’ve gotten lazy and slacked off. Recently all our trips are done and over, so there isn’t a lot of motivation for me to keep track of my workout and goals, so I end up just going to the gym and doing whatever I feel like.

If i’m too lazy to do anything too intense such as cardio or Kayla’s legs day, I will just do weight training but I will make sure that I run for at least 15 min. Since I’m quite motivated to blog today so I thought I should quickly share my review for Kayla BBG Guide for 1.0 and 2.0!

Yupe, I have completed both guides. I’m quite surprised at my determination towards this because I have a very very short attention span at things that I’m doing haha. Ok, I think I will just list down whats the differences between 1.0 and 2.0!

Disclaimer- It’s all based on my personal experience ya!

Workout Routine

Kayla 1.0 – I’ve completed 1.0 3 rounds before I started 2.0. I started 1.0 when I was pretty much new to the gym. I find 1.0 is more intense and tiring compared to 2.0 because it involves a lot of cardio such as burpess, jump lunges and stepups! The good thing about doing a lot of cardio is that it helps to burn a lot of calories and it makes your daily activity like climbing stairs or jogging much more easier. I can clearly feel that my stamina improved A LOT after completing the first round of 1.0.

Kayla 2.0 – So obviously, 2.0 is the next level of 1.0 so in this guide you will see a lot of workouts that requires weights (dumbbell, barbell and etc)! When I first started 2.0 I fell in love with it instantly because it has less cardio and I hate doing cardio hahaha. That’s when I started following Jo on doing weights at the gym.

Body Shape

Kayla 1.0 – After completing 1.0 I can tell that I loose a lot of weight/ fat. My body is now slimmer than before and I can slowly see my arms and legs are more lean and in better shape. If you’re looking to loose weight and to look fit, you should consider following Kayla 1.0! The trick is to keep repeating 1.0 guide for best result.


This picture taken when I was in week 10 of Kayla 1.0 for the 3rd time.

You can tell from this picture that I lost a lot of fat and it made my legs looks so much slimmer and longer haha. I also achieved what I wanted, thigh gap ^^ My butt also firmer and rounder (thanks to all the uncountable squats)

My progress of doing Kayla 1.0 for 3 times goes like this…

1st round, I manage to complete only 1 round each circuit and by the end of the guide, I loose a lot of weight and manage to do all workouts in the correct forms.

2nd round, I’m stronger compared to 1st because I managed to do more burpees and also pushups! I also managed to complete more circuits (1 and a half sometimes 2) in 7 mins! My abs is more obvious and my hands are more firm!

3rd round, I can obviously see my body is way more leaner than before and muscles are showing! I also got bored of following Kayla 1.0 because I feel that I can do more than just cardio!

Kayla 2.0 – Like I mentioned, in 2.0 it requires more weight lifting than cardio so it’s pushing my body towards to bodybuilding.

IMG_3900This picture was taken when I was in Kayla 2.0 for the first time ( I dont remember which week edi). My arms and abs muscle were quite obvious which I really really like!!! So I asked to join Jo in his shoulders and back routine! I like it when see my arms muscles are more defined and obvious now!



Kayla 1.0 – I was pretty determined and hardcore when I started 1.0 so I was very strict with my own diet. I eat a lot of homecooked clean food (I blogged about it here and here) like salmon, chicken breast and salads!


Kayla 2.0 – I EAT WATEVER I WANT LOL. I sort of give up eating clean because i’m a bit sick of eating salmon and chicken breast T___T. So I stopped eating as clean but I still avoid fat food like fast food, oily or deep fried! I eat a lot of Chai Bar salad for dinner though haha. So from the picture you can easily tell, my tummy not as flat LOL but still acceptable la.

Workout besides Kayla


Kayla 1.0 – I focused more on workouts that help to cut fat such as cycling.


Kayla 2.0 – I fell in love with doing weights so I joined Jo to work on more on my shoulders and back when I’m off from Kayla.


because of that, I can slowly see the result of my back and shoulder workout more which I really really like!

I think that’s pretty much on my experiences of Kayla 1.0 and 2.0!

As for the title, yes! I’m restarting Kayla 1.0 even though how much I hate doing cardio because it really helps on burning away of my fat which I have somewhat regained.

I will still continue doing weights with Jo so that the result will be more balanced and also faster, I have not patience lol.

Anyway, I have a few tips for those who are planning to start Kayla BBG guide.

* Get someone who knows the correct form of doing squats and other exercises. They can help correcting or teaching u the right posture for each workout before starting. I have seen a few people doing squat wrongly and it’s so painful to watch because she/he tot that they are doing it right T_T

* DO NOT blindly follow whoever you see on Instagram because everyone has different bodies, whatever she or he is doing doesn’t mean it works on you.

* You dont have to eat super clean, just avoid eating too much carbs, yes even sugar are carbs, full-fat dairy products, oily and fried food, or whatever that may contain these. The trick is choosing the right portion size and eating less fat, and make smart choices! Trust me, I’m not a fan of eating salad or wholemeal products everyday because it’s so meaningless. I want to enjoy food not being tortured.

* Get a friend or two to start BBG with you and motivate each other!

* DO NOT skip meals because it will only hurt your health, it doesn’t help to lose weight.

Last but not least,

* Keep telling yourself YOU CAN DO THIS!

If you’re restarting or starting Kayla 1.0, lets add oil together!!!!


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    Hi bobo do you still subscribed to bbg? You subscribe it for month or year? How much?

    December 9, 2016 at 10:22 pm
    • Reply bobostephanie

      Hi, NOpe I dont =) I stopped doing BBG for a while edi

      December 10, 2016 at 6:52 pm

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