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Epic Launch is EPIC!

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11 Do you recognize this cute little rabbit emoticon? Yupe, you’re right, he’s Muzi from Kakao Talk! I was invited to Kakao Talk’s Epic launch party held in The Bee, Publika, a few days ago!

12 It was the most interesting launch I have ever attended!! We were driven around in a yellow Kakao golf cart in Publika square, and besides that, there were performances along the way. Everyone was cheering and dancing around us, it was so much fun! By the way, the Apeach fan is super cute hehehe

Besides the Epic Together-gether ride, Kakao Talk converted The Bee into a little indoor carnival for us hehehe. There were hotdogs, mini burgers, drinks, popcorn and a Ferris wheel!!!!

13See, I’m not lying about the Ferris wheel right!! Just that we cant ride on it only hahahah but still super cute!! The main purpose of this launch is to introduce us KakaoTalk Together-gether group chat that allows you to invite as many friends as you like for your group chats. You can also make unlimited voice calls with as many as four friends at a time!! Besides that, the most exciting and useful feature is the vote feature in the group chat! You can now vote for where to go or what to eat with your friends in a group chat! No one will get the chance to say “Whatever” from now on hahaha. After deciding what to eat or where to go, you can schedule and set a reminder so that no one will get to say “Sorry I forgot” or “Sorry I didn’t get the memo/msg” because you can now send or check RSVP in the chatroom! HAHAH you can save all those excuses cox it wont work kekeke.

14 Kakaotalk’s Epic launch was a great success and surely the most memorable one ever!!! Lets do it again!!!

15 Last but not least, their popcorn is super yummy!! Hahaha, not to mention the super cute box.

For more information, please visit

 Add me on Kakaotalk (@bobostephanie) so that we can get our Together-gether chatroom started!!!



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