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Dont Be That Person At the Gym

As usual, we went to the gym yesterday and bumped into a few ignorant pieces of shit so they inspired me to share today’s title. Waw the list goes on and on when I start discussing with Jo this topic.

The top 7 people that I find very annoying at the gym!

1- Those who don’t put the equipment back to its original place especially those who use the dumbbells at the free weight section! By simply throwing them on the floor and leaving without even caring if he/she is acting like a piece of shit. I give u a 👏 *golf clap

2- Those who talk super loud with their friends. I understand sometimes the music can be a little too loud but u don’t have to shout lo, I’m not interested into ur car, ur girl or ur money la, ok? Just keep ur mouth shut and do ur workout. Don’t act like u’re in a mamak or in a market la.

3- Those who takes forever to complete a set of workout especially when they don’t realize there is a queue waiting to use the same machine. I understand u need a little break between each sets but taking more than 5 min break is just too ridiculous la. Everyone is paying the same $ as u and u don’t own the machine ok! Just get things done and leave!

4- Those who play with their phone. Yupe, the title explains it all. There are people would like to use the rack, bench, machine that u have been sitting on for 15 min or so while u’re playing with ur damn phone chatting, FB-ing or Instagram-ing. If u don’t know yet, there is an area for you to rest and play with ur phone, it’s called a lounge area with a sofa. You’re welcome ☺️

5- Those who have no idea what they r doing. Ok, this one is quite subjective, but it annoys me. I’m talking about those who try to use every single machine in the gym but have no idea what they r doing. Most of them are newbies or new to the branch, they literally just walk around at the gym. Example, that day I saw a skinny girl go to every machines and she spends less than 2 min at each machine. Imagine ran for 1 min then move to back machine and do 5 times then leave 😒 lost……….

6- Mirror Selfie freaks. JO told me the other day he saw a guy set his camera on a dumbbell just to take pic of him posing at the bar rack machine. Using dumbbell as a tripod le! This one win liao lor!  Actually it’s ok if u do it when there is not a lot of ppl around because I do it too lol but when there is a queue waiting at ur machine u don’t la! Be respectful ma…

7- One more to the list! Those guys who hogging 2,4 and 6 kg dumbbells. Bro, why do u need 2 and 4 kg dumbbells o??? U’re training ur fingers issit? Don’t lift like a girl la. There was once I saw this guy hogging a 4kg dumbbells and I need it to complete my set so I walked to him and ask *pointing at 4kgs Hi, sorry do u need these? He says Yes! I then replied 4 kgs wor? Then he says Yea! I was like Ok =.=

Then I saw him using it to do his shoulder routine I was like WTF? Even I started with 4 kgs le omg.

I went to google annoying ppl at the gym meme and saw this lol. Ok la, ppl might find me and Jo annoying too cox we do the same routine together on alternative days. But we don’t drink water together like in this pic lo. Hahahhaah

My every week routine goes like this,

-Monday, Wednesday and Friday usually I will do Kayla BBG 2.0

– Tuesday and Thursday I do back and shoulder with Jo

– I try doing abs workout everyday after my usual routine if I’m not too tired or it’s not too late.

I went to the gym the other day with full makeup on cox I attended an event before that. When I was at the gym people gave me a weird and judging stares lol. Neh, I found this meme hahahaa.

Well, I guess that’s all I have for now! It’s all based on what I have experienced la but if u have more, please feel free to share with me or us!


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  • Reply Henry

    Had a good read 🙂 So I’m not alone. How about body odour? Especially when I’m using the treadmill half way/very semangat moment and suddenly a very heavy sharp smell running through my nose! Damn potong steam.

    April 7, 2016 at 12:47 am
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