I Smell Vanilla….

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A little survey before I start sharing the main purpose of this post. What’s your priority when you’re looking to buy a box of facial tissue?

A) Price B) Quality C) Design of the box C)Scent

I would choose all of the above because I’m a typical aunty, I’m super picky and will make sure I get maximum value for the price I pay hahaha. I have been using Kleenex facial tissues from the moment they launched their scented facial tissues last year. When I was doing our usual monthly grocery shopping in a super market, I saw Kleenex scented tissues and straight away I wanted to buy it. I like that it’s 3-ply and every sheet is made from 100% quality virgin fibers that leaves no residue behind to reduce skin irritation. Most importantly it’s because it’s scented! I love everything that has a scent because I’m super addicted into using perfume. I can honestly tell you I can’t live without using perfume. I will spray on perfume whenever I’m stepping out of the house no matter where I go even if I’m going to the gym. Why wouldn’t you like to smell good le? It helps brighten up your day too!

Anyway, ever since I started using Kleenex scented tissues I can never go back to the normal ones edi. So when I was invited to Kleenex’s new scent launch I was pretty excited because I have 1 more option to choose from the scented range, yeah!


Let me introduce you, the new Vanilla scented facial tissue.


When you think of Vanilla, does it bring back a lot of sweet memories? It does remind me on how I used to love eating vanilla ice cream with my sisters after school. We always buy vanilla ice cream from the ice cream uncle who sold ice cream on an old bicycle outside of our school.

DSC02249 DSC02248 DSC02246

The launch was held at the Kimberly Clark office in Kelana Jaya. The team even prepared desserts table and lunch for us =)


At the launch we were told to introduce ourselves and also pick a question from a box and share our answers. Then we have the Kleenex team unveiling the new Kleenex Vanilla scented facial tissue.


The packaging is just perfect for Hari Raya Puasa in July!


Besides the new scent, they also have the rose and cherry blossom scents available. I have to say Rose is my current fav because of the pink packaging and the rose scent is so hard to resist hehehe. It also helps to add a few good wife points when your in-laws or friends visit hehehe. They will be like waw ur tissue smell so good one!!!!


A picture at the photobooth is a must at every event haha


Super happy to be surrounded by scented tissue, I wish I can bring home all hahhahah


Group picture with my #competitiveaunties and also two pretty ladies who are not qualified to be aunties yet haha.


Thanks Kleenex for having us and also for coming out with such good products to help add more bonus points to us, aunties.

You can easily get it in hypermarkets like Aeon, Aeon Big, Giant and Tesco!

It’s selling at RM14.95/ pack of 4 boxes! Check out for more info!


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