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Nacho’s Birthday Picnic

Hahaha, another birthday post for my baby boy.

Jo and I decided to celebrate his birthday twice this year ’cause we wanted to celebrate with my family and also with his own friends.

So, we decided to have a little picnic session with our friends at the park on a Sunday morning.

We were supposed to leave the house at 8.15am so we could get everything done and reach the park at 9am sharp.

The most common thing that could happen when we plan to wake up early, happened. We over-slept, hahahahhaha.

So, we left Jo’s at around 8.30am, rushed to the bakery to collect baby boy’s cup cakes. Then headed over to McD to buy breakfast for our guests.

A new place for dogs to run around and hang out with their doggy friends.


Ashley’s baby – Cody

My furry boy- Nacho

Cheryl’s baby – Cookie

Us and our babies, while waiting for the others.

Jo and Nacho. I think Nacho was sweating like mad.

Family portrait

Ashley babe and I

Baby boy’s new buddy, Yu Gi.

Then we saw this cute dog who was playing with a coconut that he fetched from the pond.

Cody was a ‘lil shy and he was too tired to walk around.

A friend of Shirley’s had to hold on to Yu Gi so that he wont jump around. Haha

Shirley’s princess – Missy

Me and my only baby boy.

Cupcakes for dogs from Pawsitive Bakery

Baby boy was super excited when he saw the cup cakes, hahaha.

Finally a family portrait of us.

The girls and their loved ones haha ( I don’t know why were we all sengek to the right, hahah)

Ashley was trying to make cody kiss Yu Gi. At the same time, Me and Shirley stoned ==”

Finally, Bff came with a gift =D

Nacho was exhausted and hot after running around the park for more than 2 hours.

Top – BKK

Shorts – F21

Slippers – Birkenstock

Bag – Mulberry for Target

Last but not least, I would love to say thank you to those who came! Although it was pretty hot and sunny, you guys made it a very memorable birthday for my baby boy.

Thanks for all the gifts and birthday wishes.

Happy 4th Birthday, Baby boy


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