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Lost and hopefully found…

If you have been following me you should know that I lost my necklace. It’s not just a normal necklace, it was a present from my granny.

I seriously have no idea where I left it; Im pretty sure it’s somewhere in my house.

This is the necklace that I lost

The story begins…

I always take off my necklace before going in the shower and I always leave it beside the sink. So, as usual I left it beside the sink and I went to shower. Right after I was done I opened the door and my sister was standing there so we talked. Then she chased me out from the toilet and she went in. Im POSITIVE that I took my necklace out with me! Thats because my sis didnt see my necklace right after she went in and closed the door. I went straight to my room and dressed up for dinner.

During our dinner my mum was asking me why I wasn’t wearing my necklace then I got shocked and started to worry about it. After dinner I rushed home but couldn’t find my necklace anywhere.

The reasons why I’m POSITIVE that it’s still in my house…

1. We dont have a maid.

2. The necklace is too big to be flushed into the drain.

3. My sis swears that she didnt see my necklace right after I stepped out from the toilet.

I have no idea where I left it and it’s no where to be found.

Im soooooo sad….

My parents are still looking for it for me at home and Im praying that it shows up before CNY.

So please pray for me too.


Jan is not a good month for me.


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    Good luck!!!!

    February 18, 2011 at 2:14 pm
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