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You know how the older generation will tell you why you shouldn’t do anything to you face, because it represents your fortune? If you make changes to it, it might bring you bad luck or misfortune but if you do it accordingly it will help to enhance your life. In the past, I don’t really believe in this, and I thought it was just a myth created by some old folks just like many other Chinese myths.

Well, I think my point of view on this matter has definitely changed after I attended The Sloane Clinic workshop a few weeks ago, which I attended with hot mamas Michiekin and Kimberlycun, and Teycindy in Pavilion Beauty Hall. A little introduction on the clinic before I start sharing what I have learned from the workshop, and I have say, it’s pretty interesting!


The Sloane Clinic is a chain of aesthetic clinic for the skin, face and body and they are also one of the leading aesthetic clinics in Singapore and Malaysia. Whether it is a subtle enhancement or a dazzling makeover, The Sloane Clinic can provide them with their comprehensive armamentarium of beauty innovations, dedicated medical aesthetic team, fully-trained plastic surgery team and wide range of skincare by SLOANE INC. They have newly opened at The Beauty Hall in Pavilion.

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I was slightly late because I kept thinking the event was at 12pm, only to find out it was at 11am. So I rushed like a mad girl and skipped my breakfast, thank god The Sloane Clinic was sweet enough to prepare breakfast and lunch for us =) I stuffed my face with 5 plates of salads, literally. I don’t know why but the ceaser salad that day was super good!

Thank god I didn’t miss anything because the workshop was pretty interesting! It’s quite rare that I will share information that I learned from workshops to family or friends because most of the time I forget most of them. Surprisngly, for this workshop I remember 70% of them! The reason is pretty simple because I’m old enough to worry about my own fortune and you know when you’re getting older, you tend to worry more than when you’re young! You worry about your life, your career, your kids, your husband and your financial standing. I have to admit I do worry about all sorts of things, so learning about ways to overcome these issues or problems are pretty interesting. Who doesn’t want a better life? That’s when workshops like this comes to the rescue!

4The workshop started with Ms Cindy Chew, a professional face reading consultant from Soleil Trinity, teaching us how your face can affect your fortune! As mentioned earlier, our facial features can predict our life’s successes, so small changes in our face can reap big rewards in our personal life, career, marriage, and so on. She also showed us some good examples using well known idols suchs as Amber Chia, Siti Nurhaliza and also Michelle Reis.

5After the facial reading, we have Dr Low Chai Ling, founder of The Sloane Clinic sharing tips on how to enhance our beauty with aesthetic treatments!

6She also showed us some examples on how some small touches could make you look prettier!

7Last but not least, we have Dr Aster Low explaining how to enhance your skin quality by using science.

Let me share some tips and tricks of what I have learned so make sure you have a mirror with you now so that you can check on your face after reading it =). Do you know that the facial features that denote the good fortune are the same one that adds to the face’s aesthetic appeal? Come let’s dissect them one by one.


Your forehead represents your career so the smoother and broader it is, the more smooth-sailing career you have. Flaws on this part may reflect problems in the form of bad health, distressful relationship or money troubles. Forehead lines (frown lines) means that person worries or thinks a lot.  Sunken temples on women mean a possible extramarital affair on your husband’s part T___T.

How can we fix it?

Fraxel Light helps to eliminate wrinkles, pigmentation and scars in exchange for a silky smooth skin for your face especially forehead! As for sunken temples you can try  Voluma High Definition Lift aka fillers to help lifting and restores sunken temples! Say halo to your happy marriage and smooth career!

Broad brows and upper eyelids that open up to long, sparkling clear eyes bring luck to your real estate and material endeavors.

How can we fix it?

Thermage  using non-invasive radiofrequency treatment to smooth out crinkles and brighten your eyes area.

Your nose represents how wealthy you are or you will get! A rounder and fleshier nose means more wealth. Moles on the tip of a nose are regarded as a major sign of misfortune, not just moles, dark spots or blackheads are included too.

How can we fix it?

Most of you should have already known fillers can do wonders on your nose hehehe so you can consider natural fillers on the nose bridge and tip to enhance the height and definition of the nose. If not you can try using cosmetic to highlight your nose bridge to create a brighter and clear look!

Cheekbones that are prominent are an indication of power and authority. People who have prominent cheekbones are courageous, determined, adventurous, and independent. They have no problems in taking risks or trying something new.

How can we fix it?

Voluma High Defition Lift/ Restylane Hydrolift for the cheeks helps to restore lost volume your cheekbones and make your skin looks shinny too! You can also try undergoing a skin brightening procedure such as IPL to give your cheek area radiance and a healthy glow. Applying light pink blush can also help to create bright and rosy cheeks

The “Popularity House” in your jaw (refer to the diagram below) rules your relationship with colleagues and the younger generations – a round and full chin speaks of your popularity amongst followers.

On the other hand, people who have narrow mouths are ruled by their head, whereas people with wide mouths are ruled by their heart.

Ok now check you face and refer haha


Round and even lips mean the person is caring.


A thin lipped people (pic A) are said to be very cautious, reserved, and not an adventure-lover.


If the upper lip is protruding (pic E) the person is understanding and kind.

Pigmentation affects the smoothness of someone’s authority and power. This also means that he or she will experience a lot of threats and challenges.

How can we fix it?

For chin, implants can help augment a weak and receding chin but if you are not keen on surgery like me ==”, consider using natural fillers to give you a perfect chin! Whereas for lips and lips shapes, you can try using Revitalift Lips (filler for lips) to enchance your lips shape like what I did!

Told you it’s really interesting, I wish I could record everything Ms Cindy said and play it for you all!


Once again, thanks to The Sloane Clinic for all the tips and useful information on my face! All in all, your facial features that denote the good fortune are the same one that adds to the face’s aesthetic appeal. I’m quite amazed that how a little touch of aesthetic can help to improve our fortune by so much but of course you still need to work hard on what you want. Nothing comes for free in this world OK! I hope you guys learned something from it like me.


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