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I’m back in The Zoo

I’m currently back in The Zoo and waiting for a new semester to begins. The weather here is alright, it’s not too hot or too cold. I believe it’s going to be burning hot in July, trust me it’s going to be hotter than Malaysia. I’m sitting in front of my lap top staring at my page blankly. I have no idea what to write, well dont blame me, I’m still in my holiday’s mood. I have loads of fun back home, I miss my family a lot. I kinda changed my mind while I was in my 13 hours flight, I might just return back to Msia after I’m graduated, well this is only if I couldnt get a job here. My journey back to The Zoo was tiring, I just realized that travelling alone wasnt as easy as you thought. I had to carried everything by myself, I was so afraid I was going to miss my flight for more than 3 times, I was so bored and the most annoying thing was that I’m having my stupid period. I hate using the lavatory in the plane, it’s super small and it smells, yucks~~ Besides that, the process of going to the lavatory wasnt easy as well, I have to say excuse me more than 2 times, I have to make 2 people to stand up just to let me out ( only if i’m sitting at the window seat) and of cox I have to do this process for more than 2 times( back and forth), tired or not~

While I was transiting in Taiwan, I saw this famous Hello Kitty lounge that I’ve always wanted to go.

Super duper cute right, ahhhhh~~~another dream come true.

So, the first thing I did when I landed in Taiwan Airport, I turned on my cellphone and wanted to call my family to let them know I have arrived in Taiwan. Well, Guess what? My cellphone decided to gave up on me after serving me for more than 4-5 years. I have no extra phone with me, I have to send email to let Jo knows that my arriving time. When I was in Chicago I managed to changed my flight to the earliest flight and I have to call Jo and let him know the new arriving time. I changed 2 dollars notes into quarters and went to call him by using the public phone. The stupid public phone took all my quarters and ended up I got connected to an Indian guy instead of JO, damn sux! I was forced to borrowed some random guy’s phone and call Jo. Thank you so much!

I have changed my phone to Jo’s old phone and hopefully this one wont give up on me like my previous one. I’m thinking about new Iphone hmmmm should I or shouldn’t I??

Another thing gave up on me as well, tats The Sims 3! I have been waiting for it, I used count down machine to count down the days. The minute I stepped into my room I straight away install The Sims 3 into my lap top, but guess what! It doesn’t went well, it keeps on showing NO GAME DICS IN THE CD ROOM~ WHAT THE HELL!!!!! I dont know what to do now! Damn ass!


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