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Hennessy Artistry 2010

Instead of continuing blogging about my Taiwan trip, Im thinking I should mix it up with a post about something else, such as my long over due post about ” Hennessy Artistry 2010″.

Dan invited us to Artistry a long time ago but everyone ignored him, I don’t know why. I totally forgot about this event until I got home from Taiwan and Jo says “Tomorrow we’re going to Hennessy Artistry in The Mines.”. I was like, ” What? So last minute?? Why never discuss with me before tat?” After a very long discussion of who Dan invited and how many tickets he has, we decided to join them and  have fun.

Love their envelope. The embossed letters and the color give it a very classy look.

Thanks Dan for the VIP ticket.

Bb Mich & I

In front of the Stage.

Mich, Dan and I

Viv, Mich and Bo

With my girls…. It was nice meeting you all, we shall party more often!!

Free flow for the ViPs, yo! They served a few different flavors, my favorite was the Apple flavored mixture. Next time they should pour less mixer and more Hennessy so that I can really taste the Hennesy hehehe instead of apple.

View from the ViP lounge. Love the red lighting =D

We went up to the Vip lounge for a little while and got bored so we went back down and joined the group.

Evon & I


We got really bored at the beginning because the of the boring music and the performance took forever to start.

We made full use of their free flow drinks.

Shirley and I. She was in the Media zone so we couldn’t really hang out much.

The guy version of bff also aka the Gay couple

Darling and I

The show started. To be honest, I didnt really enjoy most of the performances, nothing interested me ==”


Me, Mich, Dan, Lina and Viv

I wasn’t drinking from 2 cups it was Jo’s.

Qx the present (cox of his bow) and I

We left early and went for bak kut teh as supper. I found out that I always crave to for hot yummy soup right after any drinking session. It helps to warm up my tummy and wakes me up from being tispy or drunk ==”

Well, there goes another one of my Saturday nights.



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