Chinese New Year 2013

Gong Xi Fatt Cai to all my lovely readers, may you be wealthy and healthy forever!

This is going to be a wordy post, so im being super considerate, I added in a few pictures hahaha

Decided to write a post related to CNY. If you didnt know, Chinese New Year has always been my favourite ever since I knew the meaning of CNY hahaha. My family is considered to be a very traditional kind of family, we pray to the ‘god of prosperity’ on new year’s eve at 12.30am in my grandparents’ shop. Everyone is required to wear a brand new outfit including shoes haha. That’s my favorite part when I was young because my mum will buy close to 13 outfits for us to change from new year’s eve to the 12th day of CNY. Well, that was when I was a kid when everything wasn’t so expensive hahhaha. As of now, I have to pay for my new year clothes so I just bought 2 tops and a bottom hahaha it’s good enough edi.


This was taken last year at my grandparents’ shop!

So back to the praying session, we gather together at 12.30am to start praying and then we all hang out at my shop for around an hour before going back home to sleep. Our family has been doing this since my grandparents got married! Yea, so this is considered as a tradition of my family!

My family can be consider as a big family because my grandmother gave birth to 6 kids, so during CNY the house will be filled with a lot of relatives! Just imagine 6 + wifes/husband + kids… super crowded heheheh. The purpose of CNY to me is reunion, everyone gathering together and just chit chat… I remember when I was young, the adults will sit in the living room then the kids will just run around in the house. Fun and full with happiness!

Then on the first day of CNY, we will go down to my grandparents’ shop early in the morning for a tea ceremony. We do it from the eldest to the youngest! After that everyone will have a vegetarian breakfast and head back to my home. That’s where the fun part starts because my grandpa is the eldest so all our relatives will travel back to my home and most of them will stay till late at night. Me and my sisters are always the ones who make sure our cousins don’t go into our room and steal our things. Hahahah just like a guard standing at the staircase making sure no one goes to the second floor! Hahahhahaa when I was young la ok, after awhile, we found out that we can actually just lock our room door. Young and dumb.

To be honest, I have no idea whats the purpose of this post. I think I’m just being very emotional over the fact that I can no longer celebrate CNY eve and the first day with my family. I miss them a lot…

Things are really different here in Jo’s family. His family is really small compared to mine… Around 2-3 cousins I would say and no siblings. It’s super quiet here in his house.

I was asking Jo the other day, what do u do on the eve and first day of CNY? He says sleep and watch TV. I was really shocked! I said how can you do that!!! It’s illegal la! Hahahaha

What have I done so far? Helped to clean his house and also helped out a bit when his mum is cooking. My memory of CNY will be doing housework from now on….

Anyway, I should really start accepting the fact that I’m married and I have to get used to celebrating CNY in a very very quiet way. As I’m working now, CNY is giving me a chance to sleep and relax.

Well Bo, just try to not think of it as the end of the world because you’re still heading home on the 2nd day of CNY!
My sister just called and asked me whether I want to sponsor RM50 for the firecrackers or not. I don’t mind! I love firecrackers!! The one that I sponsored will last around 15 min!! SURE OR NOT??? I don’t know so don’t ask me…


Instead of being so emo at home I decided to just prepare for tonight’s prayers at Jo’s place! I went to the shop that sells all sorts of praying things the other day to buy everything that we needed for tonight! I personally think its quite fun and I learned a lot!!! I will sure pass this tradition down to my kids (if I ever have them)


Yea, it’s prepared by me! Am I good or what?

Last but not least, have a wonderful year ahead and happy holidays to everyone! Drive safe if u’re heading back to ur hometown and those who are staying in KL, enjoy the empty streets!


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  • Reply Sherlyn

    So proud of u!!! I cant imagine myself doing all these man cz m not really believe in those culture. And I totally agree with u!
    I mean if I can no longer celebrate CNY eve and Chu Yi with my family I will surely be very sad cz I’m so used to it and like u said, us all the kids will always play together!

    Hahahah happy CNY pretty!!!

    May all your wishes come true!!!

    February 9, 2013 at 11:33 pm
  • Reply msbulat

    gong xi fa cai to bobo too!~ nmy family is also considerably big. both of them also have quite a number of siblings. my dad is frm penang and my mom is frm melacca. so every year is filled with travelling and meeting alot of relatives. noisy and loud CNY! but so syiok! this is CNY to me all my life! then the other day i also asked my bf, his is also eat and sleep kind esp the 1st 2 days. i got a shock and was a lil worried bout next time also…hahaha! 2nd day of CNY will fastfast come de!

    February 10, 2013 at 12:58 am
  • Reply May Kuan

    I totally agree with you. Quiet celebration aren’t as fun haha

    February 12, 2013 at 1:57 pm
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