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3D2N in Tainan

So, I went back to Taiwan again after a year but this time was very different because I actually explored the whole of Taiwan, from Tainan, to Kaohsiung, Taichung and Taipei, all sponsored by Expedia Malaysia. My first stop at Tainan, the land of good food! Have you heard of 吃在台南? A lot of people have mentioned it to me before and I absolutely agree because the food in Tainan is really really good! If you follow my Insta or Dayre, you would have saw that I traveled to Taiwan in EVA Air from Singapore! My flight was at 3.20 pm so by the time I reached Taipei it was already 8.30pm! Since my plan was to head back to Tainan first, I headed to the High Speed Rail (H.S.R) straight and took the 10.15pm train back to Tainan. The ticket was at $1305 and it took me around 1 hour 20 min! Due to all the traveling I didn’t have time to take any pictures in the train or whatsoever!

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