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Our Short Getaway to Sekeping Serendah

OK, I shall blog about our short getaway from two days ago because my blog is dying lol. I have been really active on Dayre (@bobostephanie) to the point that I’ve totally forgotten about my blog hahhaa. If you really enjoy reading my “Bobo’s Day” posts, you should totally follow me on Dayre because I update a lot of random posts there hehe. The only disadvantage of Dayre is that it stops me from updating my blog hahaha. HOW LA LIKE THIS!??!

Jo and I have been quite busy with work recently so Jo suggested that we should go for a short getaway to de-stress ourselves.

Jo has wanted to visit Sekeping Serendah for quite a while edi because he obviously loves nature more than I. He told me he went camping in Taman Negara before when he was in high school and I was like, “Yerr, what do u do there besides feed mosquitoes?”

I have to admit I’m not a very outdoorsy kind of person but I LOVE beaches… with nice villas of cox LOL

A few days before heading to Sekeping I went on to Tripadvisor to do some research on the place and to check whether they provide hair dryers or not LOL *true story

Obviously they dont so I brought my hair curler and dryer along, it felt more like moving houses than going camping for me hahhaa. I brought too many unnecessary stuff with me.

Then i found out they have NOTHING, yea ZERO besides oxygen and water and maybe mosquitoes lol.  So I was like, “Darling, do you think we can cancel the room?” Jo was like, “No wor, too late.” No choice, I decided to give it a try because the room looks interesting. We booked the Mud shed which is the smallest room (4 pax).


There are 2 mud sheds and they share a kitchen in the middle. We were quite lucky because we got the whole kitchen and living room to ourselves. It really depends on your luck because if you only book one room you will have to share the kitchen and living room with other guests. If you prefer to have the kitchen all to yourselves I would suggest you to book two rooms or a bigger room instead!

JWL_8461I’m madly in love with the kitchen design because that’s the kitchen decor I’ve always wanted. Jo and I are big fans of industrial design and that explains the inspiration for our room hehe. I told Jo that our future kitchen has to look like this!

JWL_8463The silverware matches the theme perfectly!! I seriously think the selling point of this room is the kitchen hahaha.

JWL_8464Look at the wok super cute right!

JWL_8465The mud shed comes with 3 beds, 2 singles and 1 queen! If you have around 4 people you can consider staying in this room! Only the queen sized bed gets a mosquitoes net so if you’re taking the single beds, please make sure you apply triple layers of mosquito repellent. If not you might be the buffet table for the mosquitoes hahaha.

JWL_8459The single beds are bunk beds so it’s super cute!!! Apparently their mattresses were quite comfortable even though the bed frame is made out of cement.


This was the view from our kitchen. We didnt get to do much during our stay because it rained cats and dogs the moment we checked in T____T We only got to hang out in the kitchen and play Where Is My Water 2. There is nothing much we can do because we didnt bring any games with us and there is NO line/internet. I think it will be fun if you go with a group of friends because no one will play with their phones and they will be forced to hang out and play games with you without looking at their phones!

JWL_8484They provide free milo and nescafe!! I was quite surprised that they even boiled a kettle of hot water for us. They will prepare the BBQ pit for you if you would like to have bbq for dinner. Their service is not bad!

JWL_8485Besides that, they also provide free mosquito coils for you so you dont have to worry if you forgot to bring them. I also brought my own spray on mosquito repellent just in case. I know it’s hard to believe but I left Serendah without any mosquito bites *wink so if you’re thinking which repellent to buy you can consider OFF! Liquid (from Watson’s) hahaha.

kpop copy

Since it was quite early, we decided to check out the Serendah waterfall.


The water is quite clean for a waterfall… It was raining so we didnt get to hang out there for long.


I’m the only person who wears a hat and long sleeves to a waterfall hahah



Did a little outfit shoot there!

JWL_8458While we were walking back to our car, this little dog followed us back to our car. He gave us a very pityful look like he was telling me he is hungry. Jo was like, “Should we feed him some bread.” I was like “Yea!” I took out two slices of bread and gave them to him. I even named him and Jo was like, “Dont simply name stray dogs can ma?” Hahaha. We were quite worried about him so we went back after dinner to look for him. We saved him some beef from our dinner but too bad he wasnt there anymore…

What do you do when you’re in such a nice place with nothing much to do? YOU TAKE PICTURES!!!!






Their signature wire mesh chairs hehe.


This is the first time we actually took pictures of ourselves using the timer hahaha.


Look at Jo hahaha, he was trying to control my craziness hahaha

JWL_8491Then we got bored of taking pictures so I started eating sunflower seeds hahahah.

JWL_8480I soon got bored of eating sunflower seeds so I suggested we should start cooking dinner hahahha


The food that we brought! We have chips, instant noodles, and bread!


Jo was the chef for the day! He was in charge of our steak sandwich dinner!

JWL_8546Then I was in charge of instant noodles hahaha.

JWL_8548I also helped spread the mayo for our sandwich!

JWL_8549The night before Jo marinated the beef in a Korean style sauce!


Steak and fried egg sandwich with kettle chips and salad with sesame dressing (forgot to take pic). Our dinner was awesome but the weather was SHIT. It just wouldn’t stop raining so we were discussing whether we should just head home or not HAHAHA.

It was around 9pm and that’s when we decided to just head home since it was raining heavily there! There is nothing much we can do besides stoning and sleeping. The forecast for the next day was more rain, and seeing that we had to check out by 12pm, we thought that we should just head home to hang out with our baby boy. Really really wanted to go for a swim and a walk in the jungle but couldn’t due to the horrible weather.

Overall the experience was quite fun and relaxing. It’s something different from our usual getaways and I would visit again. Better to go with a group of friends, so even if the weather sucks, you can hang out, BBQ or even play drinking games!


It’s time to announce the winners for Nails O Nails!!!

Congrats to Quennnie and Fiona Chan , please email me your full name, address and phone number!

Thanks to those who participated!! I will try my best to do more giveaways on my blog, so everyone gets a chance to win something =)

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    You had a boring time there but your blog about ti doesn’t look boring at all. Haha..nnAgree that it’s a great place to hang out with friends! Would love to go some day :)nn

    December 25, 2013 at 4:16 pm
  • Reply Thea Ong

    May I know how much it cost per night?

    December 31, 2013 at 7:33 am
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    nice 🙂

    March 4, 2015 at 11:15 pm
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