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Maxis 4G Blogger Blaze!!!!

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Most of you should have already known I’m a big fans of Runningman, actually not just Runningman. I’m a big fans of amazing race too! I love the idea of moving to place to place and solving cruel or tasks, it’s pretty fun! Just when I was complaining why Malaysia don’t have this type of games/ challenges, Maxis came out with a similar ideas which is called Maxis 4G Bloggers Blaze, the name itself already sound pretty challenging! It took place in eCurve on a Sundar morning, I was pretty excited so I reached eCurve super early T___T

PC085611 The moment I reached the venue, all I see was green and white balloons with a few cars. I was like are we supposed to pop the balloons T_______________T One thing I really scared about is popping balloons, not a big fans of balloons.

PC085612Then I saw Ben from Flyfm I was like OMG, later must take pic with him!!

PC085601 After a while bloggers started coming and registered themselves at the registration table. We were assigned into a group of 4! Thank god, a few bloggers that I know were there too so we get to catch up a little before it starts.

PC085610 I was assigned into team Pirahna, nom nom nom lol. Yupe, a group with 1 girl and 3 boys which is perfect because the guys can help me out with some challenge.

PC085604 Few minute before the games start, we get to hang out with our group and we are more than welcome to discuss about the static that we are planning to use lol, super competitive!

PC085613 Met up with the pretty bloggers from Nuffnang! Nana, Povy, Jessica, Chenelle, Chanwon and Daphne!

PC085616 We were given a smart phone with 4G for navigation and communication purposes.

PC085641Our main transport for the day and the car was filled with food, drinks, snacks and raincoat lol


So sweet of Maxis, they prepared apples and nutrition bars for us!


They also prepared bottle water, 100plus and raincoat just in case it rains!

The first challenge was pretty cool because we are required to use the mobile phone that they provided and scan the barcode on the balloons! Each team member was given 20 seconds to scan the balloons until we find the location of next destination! Our team was the 2nd last to leave for the 2nddestination because we couldn’t find the correct bar code T___T


Once we found the clue of next destination, we were given an envelope with the map of the next location!

PC085620 It’s pretty cool that we just need to scan the given bar code and it will automatically show the next location with the address and name! Then we just simply copy and paste into Waze and off we go!

PC085622Our second challenge was to play a racing game on the mobile phone!

PC085624 Then we headed straight to Sunway Lagoon for go cart!!!

photo 1 (3)This is how you look like when you have to wear a showercap == and a helmet… I seriously look like a fool man!

PC085627 After the second challenge, we bought Burger King on the way out from Sunway Lagoon and headed to our next destination, Wangsa Maju ==”

PC085631 Our third challenge was rock climbing T_____T It was my first rock climbing and it was pretty hard!

PC085635 We were supposed to follow the arrow …

PC085634Then swing from left to the middle wall and grab the flag tats it! It sounds easy but trust me, it’s damn hard!!! I was like OK lets try this but in the end I didn’t manage to grab the flag cox the fell down at the point that I need to swing myself over to the middle wall T___T

PC085633 Every time we finished the challenge, they will stamp our passport to prove that we have already done the challenge.

PC085638 The last challenge was the massive watermelon eating contest, I’m super glad that I don’t have to participate because we were told leader don’t have to do it. I was like I’m THE LEADER!!

1502737_10152056255501870_1614722460_o This Povy super smart lol, she wore a raincoat so that the watermelon wont stain her shirt!!

After the last challenge, we were given free time for lunch and also camwhore lol

photo 3 (4)With Povy, thank god they brought Magic camera because our makeup already half gone after the last challenge!

PC085642 Nana, Chanwon and I!

PC085643 With sweet Chenelle, she talk super soft and sweet… I sounds like an aunty next to her T__T

PC085645 I’m in love with Daphne hair color!! Super cool and it matches her look perfectly!

After all the lunch and camwhore session, it’s time to announce the winners! The winners get to win an ipad Mini, Samsung Note 3 and Maxis 4G device!

1493303_10152056278661870_1287359923_o Congrats to Team Leopard, they won themselves an iPad mini and Maxis 4G LTE WiFi Modem!

1502761_10152056279671870_1311532614_o Team Stallion won themselves a Samsung Note 3 and Maxis 4G LTE WiFi Modem! SUPER JEALOUS!!!

Anyway, I’m still happy enough that I get to participate into the challenge! It was so much fun and I sweated damn a lot lol. I hope Maxis should do it again and this time I WANT TO WIN!!!



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