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I haven’t had time…

to pack yet…

Thank god it’s finally Friday, the long awaited weekend is here.

I’m leaving the country for a short getaway tomorrow and will be back on Monday night.

This will be considered as our first getaway since coming back to Malaysia, the previous one was back in the States to Miami and New Orleans day 1, 2 and 3.

I’m a big fans of the beach. Sea, sand and of course bikinis!

OK, a little update on my current life.

Im currently working in Ecopalm, a very environmental friendly company.

I kinda like the working environment here because I get do a lot of designing work which is my favorite.

Nowadays it’s really hard to find a job that you’re really into.

I consider myself really lucky finding one.

Anyway, thats pretty much about it and I will update once I got back from my short trip.


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