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Bob’s moment

While we were having our once a week brunch at Crows Nest. My premium member, Chi Weng aka Bob2 asked us a question that I bet no one dared to ask or even mention about it.

Bob2: Ehhh, I want to ask you guys something.. (turned his head to Jo with his serious expression)

Jo: What????

Bob2: hmm, I want to ask right… So if tea mixed with milk does it become coffee?

Bob (Myself): wtf, Chi Weng!!! You are officially my member edi! OMG how can Tea turn into Coffee just by mixing it with milk?!!?

Jon: You’re damn Bob lo… How can you ask this kind of stupid question?? Think before you ask la! If u’re wearing dress, does that mean u’re a girl?!?

Jo: ==” I dont even want to answer … That’s what we called MILK TEA la!

Bob: Welcome to Bob’s club! (shake hands)

Bob2: No mah, my family don’t drink coffee or tea one! How I know, and the color …. This question has been in my mind since I was young lor. ( while showing his innocent face)

Bob: Hahaha BOB la you~

Well, I bet you guys know what’s the meaning of Bob. So obviously, he is my vice president of Bob’s club, Welcome Bob 2. I’m still looking for Bob 3,4 and 5.

I believe soon they will appear


p/s: I will continually write down all the Bob’s moments that happened on me or my vice president, stay tuned for more.


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  • Reply gin

    cool^^ since i was kids i already know u ‘re so stupid @@”
    coz u always so surprise wif all the normal easy question….

    September 25, 2009 at 8:44 am
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