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I LOVE…Bubble Bath

Recently I’ve received a few questions on Formspring asking what kind of body lotion and bubble bath that I’m using. So, today I was like, hmm maybe I should blog about my home “spa” routine. It’s not really like a complete head to toe type spa but it’s a routine that I do every day.

I always make sure that I apply lotion before I go to bed because it will keep my skin moisturized throughout the night. Besides keeping my skin moist, the smell of the lotion is really important to me too. I love it when my skin smells like fruits hahahaha, it helps to relax my whole body.

I used to be very addicted into Bodyshop body lotions but I find it quite expensive for me to apply every day, so I stopped using them and have gone back to using normal ones ==”

I was lucky enough to receive an email the other day, asking me to review a range of beauty products from GLAMOGIRL.COM  If you haven’t heard about Glamogirl yet, they are a distributor that markets and distributes several ranges of beauty products, from skincare, makeup to baby care, to major retail channels in Singapore & Malaysia. They also do online shopping if you’re too lazy to step out of your house hahahah.

JWL_7308 My “I LOVE…” raspberry & blackberry bodycare from Every night, Jo comments that I smell like a giant raspberry and it makes him hungry ==”

Let us begin with a bubble bath shall we?

JWL_7303Put a little amount of the “I LOVE…” bubble bath into the bathtub under running water. You can instantly smell the fruity smell and it’s super relaxing! I have been complaining to Jo that I really need to get myself a bottle of bubble bath because I want to make full use of our bathtub but I went looking around at a few places but it’s either way too pricy or I can’t find a suitable smell or flavor I like =( The price range for I LOVE products are pretty reasonable, and for a 500ml bubble bath and shower, it is only RM 25! The best part is that you will get to use it for more than 10 bubble baths because you just need about a tea spoon to create a bathtub full of bubbles!

JWL_7324 This is me enjoying my bubble bath! I’m not sure how a bubble bath routine should be like but I usually do it after I shower because usually after a bubble bath I will feel extremely sleepy because it relaxes all my muscles and brain hahhaa.

JWL_7349Raspberry & Blackberry Exfoliating Shower Smoothie 200ml – RM22

This shower gel contains little scrubs in it so it will scrub away your dead skin or gives u a little massage at the same time. You can use it once or twice a week =) I usually use it once a week because most of the time I’m indoors and in an air conditioned room so my skin is pretty dry. If I scrub it too often it will hurt my skin =)


Then I will continue my routine with body lotion. I LOVE… Nourishing Body Butter is pretty rich and the smell is awesome. Hahaha, to those who prefer rich body lotions, this is perfect for you because it will last through the night in an air conditioned room.

JWL_7354 If you don’t like body butters, you can try I LOVE… Body lotion 250ml (RM23), this is the lotion I’m currently using. I always make sure that I apply my lotion after showers because it keeps my skin moisturized and it will soften my skin! Besides that, the fruity smell makes you feel more relaxed when u’re sleeping. I lOVE… body lotion is ligther compared to the I LOVE… body butter so it’s not as oily and it absorbs faster.

JWL_7353After body lotion, I will apply hand lotion. This is the I LOVE… Super soft hand lotion, 75ml (RM19). I know I apply a lot of lotions after shower, sometimes I just complain to Jo why are girls so troublesome! No choice, I hate it when my skin is dry and it itches. It’s really uncomfortable when I’m trying to fall asleep =( I share this hand cream with Jo and this is the only lotion that he applies before he goes to bed.


I LOVE… Glossy Lip Balm. ALWAYS ALWAYS remember to apply lip balm before you go to bed! Your lips need some moisturizer too!! The benefits of applying lip balm before bed is the next morning you won’t get cracked lips but juicy lips!

JWL_7357 I LOVE… Lip Shine. I only apply this during the day because it’s a lip gloss hahaha. I love the color of this lip gloss; it’s like shimmering pink. Once you apply it on your lips it makes your lips look juicy with a very natural shade of pink

JWL_7318 These are the things that I apply every day after showers. Just in case u’re curious, I only do bubble baths once or twice a month because I’m too lazy and I have zero time =(

I love I LOVE… also comes in a few different flavors and scents, such as Vanilla & Ice Cream, Strawberry & Milkshake, Mango & Papaya, Coconut & Cream, Raspberry & Blackberry, Blueberry & Smoothie, and, Lemon & Herbs. You can choose whichever flavor you like for each product!

Glamogirl logo centre highres

If you’re interested in I LOVE… products, please visit or head over to MUSE in Sunway Pyramid Lot LG1.59  to check out I LOVE… Body & Bath collection.

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