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My Inspiration Board

I think I have mentioned before that I wanted to decorate my accessories area right? I finally came up with an idea of how to decorate it… I now know after so long hahaha.

At first I tot of sticking all my favorite pictures/polariods directly on to the empty area but then I tot it’s a bit boring so I didnt do so as planned.

Then one day I was like why not I turn it into an inspiration board, you know, a place where I can get my inspiration from.


Most of my fashion inspiration comes from ViVi or
I cant cut stuff out from so I could only cut out looks/pics from ViVi.


This is what I ended up with… my favorite outfits, favourite ViVi models, dream bags, makeup inspiration and even my dream body/boobs hahahaha.


This is how my little accessory and inspiration station looks like. I will add in more stuff when the time comes hehehe


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