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For those of you who regularly color and style your hair, I’m pretty sure you guys will know exactly how I feel when I talk about my hair being very dry and frizzy.

I usually try to maintain a regiment of conditioning and applying treatment regularly and it helps, but only to a certain extent.


Just look at how dry and frizzy the ends of my hair look!

Anyway, I’ve tried many various brands of conditioners and shampoos, but only until now I have seen a new approach to tackle this problem!


Blackmores Vital Shine is a hair tonic product which promotes healthy and strong hair, and it also prevents hair greying and hair loss.

Vital Shine is made up of natural nourishing ingredients; a combination ‘He Shou Wu’ (Fo-Ti), bamboo shoot extract, millet seed extract, white tea extract, and sea buckthorn.

Vital Shine aims to build stronger and healthier hair from the roots and is super convenient to drink! Vital Shine is also certified HALAL by THIDA (Taiwan Halal Integrity Development Association) which is a Halal body recognized by JAKIM (Malaysia)!


Just take one a day or if you’re busy like me, just grab it as you’re leaving the house to go to work!

I prefer to keep mine in the fridge so they are nice and chilled. The packaging is also super convenient, just remove the top of the box and you can store it in the fridge. When I need to consume, I just pull one out of it’s individual tab! Super easy.


As for the taste, I think it tastes a bit like prune juice, slightly acidic and sweet at the same time, but very yummy and refreshing.

I’ll be trying a program of Blackmores Vital Shine for 60 days and I will report back on the progress to you guys soon! Please look forward to my progress updates on Vital Shine on Instagram and hopefully by then I will have smoother and healthier hair!


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  • Reply Jane

    I just bought one box of vital shine. Would you share with me your latest progress on your hair after taking vital shine for almost 3 weeks? Thanks

    May 28, 2017 at 9:56 pm
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