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The New Ford Fiesta Launch Party!

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Last Saturday, I was invited to the new Ford Fiesta launch party and Birthday Invasion that was held at Taylor’s lakeside campus. I have never been to that campus and I couldn’t have imagined how big the campus was till I got there. It took me a while to find the right building for the party and of cox the car park… I remember while I was driving I was literally saying to myself “WTF this campus is HUGE!!! Where is the car park!!!” I freaked out a little because I was scared I might make a wrong turn and end up at the highway instead. Well, I think I’m pretty good with directions so thank god I got there safely hehehe.


I got there a little earlier so I went ahead to register myself first. I was given a media pass and a bag of door gifts! Guess what was in the goodie bag? There was a headset, and I’ve always wanted to buy a red headset but I didn’t have the motivation to actually go to the mall and look for one. Thanks Ford for saving me the hassle and I can now listen to music in my red headset while I workout!


 The whole room was decorated in white with purple lighting. The weather was burning hot but thank god we got to stay inside the air-con tent throughout the launch!

JWL_7690 Yang Bao Bei was there to join in on the fun too!! The launch started with a welcome speech from Ford & SDAC executives and we were served some finger food as well.

JWL_7726 After that we were invited to the outdoor section to checkout the new Ford Fiesta! We got to take pictures with the brand new Ford Fiesta that comes in 5 different colors!

JWL_7722 Then, we get to take pictures with the models and the new Ford Fiesta on stage hehehe. The wind was so strong I had a hard time holding my hair back so it wouldn’t cover my face but obviously I kinda failed haha.

JWL_7725 I’m in love with the red Ford Fiesta because it’s really striking and red is my favorite color hahaha. The new Ford Fiesta comes with a 1.5L Ti-VCT Multipoint Fuel Injection engine! I’m sure people like me I don’t pay much attention to these the more technical specs hahaha. My priorities when it comes to choosing a car is the interior design and of cox the technology! The New Ford Fiesta comes with keyless entry and push button start, and that means I don’t have to hunt for my car keys from my bag anymore!! I super love the idea of not having to look my for keys, and then press a button to unlock my car because you know how the inside of a girls’ handbag looks like right? Full of stuff that u don’t need or don’t use often. It also comes with Bluetooth and voice commands so you can hook up your phone to make calls, play music, and even read your text messages!

JWL_7729JWL_7755The back and the front side view of the new Ford Fiesta!!! Handsome right??!

JWL_7733I went to the red Ford Fiesta and took another picture with the models because I liked the color so much haha

JWL_7734After the launch, the DJ started playing some music and the crowd of students became huge!!

JWL_7740Took a picture in front of the stage before the sun set =)

photo 4 (3)Thank god Chenelle was there too so we got to hang out and watch the concert together!! This picture was taken using her “magic” camera!! Look at our flawless skin OMG I want this camera so much but Jo will not let me get one because he HATES single purpose items. The camera can’t do much besides taking self portraits, hahaha.

JWL_7750Before the concert, we headed over to the restaurant to have our dinner. Their portions were pretty small but the food was packed with flavor and really delicious!!! I love their grilled lamb and shrimp!!

JWL_7752I think the floating light up balloons were really cool too hahahaa

JWL_7754The concert finally started!!! Shawn Lee was really awesome performing his b-boxing! I seriously thought it was a played on instruments T__T

We were pretty lucky because we got to enjoy the concert on the front row! When I say front row it’s like literally right in front of the stage!!! Besides that, we also got to meet and greet all the singers back stage!!!

photo 2 (3)Chenelle and I enjoying the concert at the VVVVIP row hahahahahh

JWL_7760The crowd was super hyped up and they even sang along with the singers!!

photo 3 (1)My concert buddies for the day hahaha, Darren, Jamei and Chenelle haha.

Im sure you wont believe who I met back stage!! A group that has become super famous over the past few months and people actually queue for their toys or products with their faces on them…

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the…… MINIONS!!!!

JWL_7765I have to admit I’m not a big fan of them but the moment I saw them I was like I WANT TO TAKE PICS WITH THEM!!!! Hahahaha super star or not hahahah. If you think there are cute in this picture, wait till you see them walking around you OMG can die!!

Overall the whole event was really fun! I have never attended any launch event was interactive and managed to kept me occupied the whole time and I actually enjoyed the concert that night!

For more information on the new Ford Fiesta please visit the Ford Fiesta Malaysia Facebook page at


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