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Naughty or Nice by Aviance

Sometimes I enjoy being a blogger because I get to try out a lot of different products and share my feedback with everyone. Whenever it comes to cosmetics or skincare my girl friends always turn to me and say, “Eh Bo, this brand nice ma?” Then I will give them my honest feedback whether if it’s good or not hahaha.

So, anyway I was given a chance to review a new brand called Aviance and it was established as a luxury brand under the Unilever Network. Some of you should know about Unilever because it is a global company with 400 brands such as Lux, Dove, and Sunsilk. I know company backgrounds can be very boring so I’m doing everyone a big favor, SKIP!

Anyway for this review, I would be doing it a little different from my usual make up tutorials because this time I tried applying EYE SHADOW! Omg, I know right I always avoids doing it because I don’t want to scare away my readers hahaha. This time I was like, “Nvm, die also need to apply and I don’t think it will be that bad.” So I did it!

I did a total of 2 looks, one is a sweet and pink look (day) then the other look is wild and naughty (night) haha by using Aviance “The Ingenious Colors” cosmetics. Aviance “The Ingenious Colors” cosmetic is combined with natural skin nourishing ingredients such as Emollient oils for nourishing ingredient and Multi- Vitamin! You don’t have to worried about hurting your skin applying too much makeup now =)

Let me start with the sweet and pink look first since it’s considered as a Day look. O yeah, before I forget, here is the foundation that I used for both look

JWL_7682 I always make sure that I apply primer before applying foundation because it helps to smoothen my skin and it protects my skin from contacting the foundation directly. One thing I like about this Pro-skin Primer is that it really helps to smoothen my fine lines and pores, and besides that, it also helps to brighten up my face without using shimmer! Those who don’t like primers that contains shimmer, this will be a good solution for you! Then I will continue to apply a liquid foundation called a tinted foundation, as you can see in the picture. I personally love liquid foundations because it’s moist and easy to apply; all I need to do is to spread the liquid foundation all over my face with a foundation brush! Aviance tinted foundation is really moist and the coverage is awesome! I don’t have to apply concealer before applying it. Then the last step will be a powder foundation! Aviance powder foundation is more like a cream base for me but once I apply it on my face it can be easily spread out and it has SPF 15 too! The packaging of the foundation powder is awesome, it’s compact enough to carry it in my bag, clutch or handbag for touching up!

Ok now, the exciting and colorful part.

JWL_7646I was given 3 different palettes of eye shadow to achieve two different looks so I paired up the blue and pink palettes as my Day look! Have you all noticed how Stylenanda love to use bright or neon colors on their upper and lower eyelids? I have wanted to do so because it looks really cool! The Moon Shadow (blue palette) contains shimmer while the Romantic Quartz (pink palette) is more like matt color.

I’m using the Sweet Pink color blush for my day look because it maches well with my eye shadow, as does the sexy pink lipstick! Black eyeliner to emphasize my eyes and make my eye look rounder and bigger. Aviance long-wear eyeliner is very intensely black and the liner is really soft (crayon) so you don’t have to worry about hurting ur eyelids or eyes. The good thing about it is it doesn’t smudge easily (maybe only on my eyes I’m not 100 % sure). ‘cause I hate it when my eyeliner smudges when I’m halfway through my makeup, spending extra time to clean and redo it again is a BIG nono to me!

OK here is the result of my Sweet and Pink look, please let me know what do you think!

JWL_7599 For this look, I’m using light blue shadow to line the inner corner of my lower eyelids then bright pink at the outer corner of my lower eyelids!

PINKThis look matches my new hair color perfectly right??

 Now, for the wilder look aka the night look.

JWL_7676 For the night look, I’m using the Aviance Goldie Blondy palette. My favorite color in this palette is the gold shimmery shadow! It’s perfect to use as a base or a highlighter at the corner of your lower eyelids! For lip colors I prefer red when I go out at night because red looks WILD or HOT hahahahaha. Aviance lipstick is really moisturizing and it makes ur lips look very juicy. For this look, I chose the Healthy Pink blush because it’s not too bright and it looks really natural after applying it on my face. If you’re applying red lipstick, it’s better that you stick with a pink blush so that it wont clash with your overall look hahaha.

JWL_7671 What do you think about this look?

WILDA closer look of how both of my looks look like. Im still learning how to blend the colors well though!

eyesFor more information or prices of Aviance, please check out their website HERE.

You can purchase them online, without the hassle of getting out of your house and driving to the mall! =)

Have fun shopping, girls!



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  • Reply JessicaC

    You look great in both makeup but I prefer the sweet and pink look more 😛

    August 3, 2013 at 11:23 am
  • Reply cyndi

    You look great! Love the latter look as there’s more drama and oomph to it hehe. Would you do a post regarding products you love and recommend cos I would love to read it!

    August 4, 2013 at 8:59 am
  • Reply sharon91

    both make up are pretty, but I prefer the sweet and pink look because its suit you more =D

    August 4, 2013 at 7:21 pm
  • Reply selina

    omg so pretty!.. I really consider your make up as one of the best.. I really like the sweet and pink look.. but I will try the night look for my birthday.. thanks for sharing!

    August 4, 2013 at 7:34 pm
  • Reply Celine Mook

    Bobo, you are so pretty! Blue and pink look so nice on you! 🙂

    August 6, 2013 at 1:19 pm
  • Reply Bobostephanie

    Thanks! sure, y not!

    August 8, 2013 at 7:28 pm
  • Reply Bobostephanie

    awww thanks babe! im still very new to eye shadows hahahha

    August 8, 2013 at 7:28 pm
  • Reply Bobostephanie

    Thanks Celine, pink is my fav color!!!

    August 8, 2013 at 7:29 pm
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