Timeless Picnic with OLDTOWN

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If you’re born in the same generation as I am, this event I’m writing about will really bring back lots of memories. I was born in the year 1985 so I grew up playing hopscotch, rubber band jumping rope, styrofoam airplanes and also sack racing! I still remember I learnt how to make a rubber band jumping rope from my sister and we always raced to see who can complete the jump rope faster hahahaha. Having to go around the house looking for rubber bands was the tougher task. Those were the good days and the sad thing about it is that no one plays any of these games anymore. Kids nowadays are so addicted to playing with their iPad or iPhone and no longer understand the joy of having to play outdoors, and subsequently getting scolded for sweating so much hahahaha.

I’m so glad that OLDTOWN White Coffee decided to bring out the time machine and bring everyone back to the 90s’ for a short period of time. The campaign was called OLDTOWN Timeless Picnic which took place last weekend at Taman Tasik Shah Alam.

Like I mentioned, the concept of the picnic is to bring everyone back to their childhood and they also get to bring their family to join the fun too!


When I first entered the OLDTOWN Timeless zone, I saw a cute OLDTOWN Gopitiam mini van haha.




This is where you can get your unlimited free cold OLDTOWN white coffee!


There are a few different game booths that you can go to games such as sticky cart, congkak and etc…



Then we proceeded to walk further down, and this area is more like a chilling zone where you get to have your very own picnic while watching the old black and white movies…




I was pretty excited so I pretty much played every single game there was.


After each game that you participated in, they will give u a stamp! The purpose of the stamp is for you to redeem your gift at the gift redemption booth!



I can’t take my eyes off all those colorful toys and snacks! I still remember I used to beg my mum to buy me TORA whenever we passed by a toy stall in my hometown!


Look at this styrofoam airplane! Hahahah



After all the jumping and running I decided to just chill for a while at the chilling zone hahaha, look at how sweaty I was hahaha. If you were the first 200 people who arrived at the picnic, you would be given a goodie bag that’s filled with old school toys and snacks!



If you prefer to stay under the shade, you can play games like giant pick-up-sticks …



Or giant Jenga but you don’t get any stamps for playing these hahaha it’s just plainly for fun only


I had so much fun playing games that I used to play when I was a kid! It brought back a lot of good memories and also reminded me not to be so attached to my phone  =)


Thanks to OLDTOWN White Coffee for inviting me to such meaningful picnic! I had lots of fun with Jo and the others!

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