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My parents recently told me they bought themselves a new mattress because the one they were sleeping on way too old and it’s totally out of shape already. So when I visited them a few months back, I went to check out their new mattress but it’s as bad as the old one because it’s too soft and you can easily tell that the mattress has formed into a W shape. My dad always complains that he has backache and he can’t have a deep sleep whenever he’s home and in case you’re wondering, nope, my house is not haunted LOL.

We all figured it should be their mattress because the mattress is too soft to support the both of them.  Mattresses and pillows are very important but not everyone may realize. It’s the only place that you get to recharge and relax your body after a long day.

So while we were deciding which brand of mattress we should get for them, I decided to enlist Dreamland’s help to search for the perfect mattress for my parents. I kept it as a surprise for my parents because if I told them, they would have rejected my offer and asked me to pamper myself instead. You know how parents are always like that.


After going through the wide selection of mattresses offered in the Dreamland Backcare Range – Chiro, we have finally decided on a mattress that is suitable for both of my parents! Dreamland delivered the mattress straight to my hometown which is all the way to Kuala Pilah.



My parents were pretty surprised when they saw the Dreamland truck but luckily my sister was there to arrange everything for me!



You must be curious which model I chose for my parents! Let me introduce you the Dreamland Chiro Superior 1, the authentic back care mattress which is perfect for my parents!! The reason why I chose this model is because of its Miracoil spring system! In the Dreamland Chiro Superior 1, there is an additional layer of pocket springs placed on top of the world’s most advanced spring system to provide ultimate back support and comfort.



It has a comfort layer which is excellent for resiliency and long lasting usage. I also told my mum you won’t have to flip this mattress every few months because of it’s a Non-Flip design. The one thing I hate about my parents old mattress is that they will have to flip it over every few months which is very bad for them because it’s too heavy and might hurt their back too!



The Dreamland Chiro Superior 1 mattress is also treated with Anti-Bedbugs, Anti-Mosquito & Anti-Bacteria properties by using soft-to-touch fabric with extra protection. Whenever I go for a holiday, I will always send Nacho home to my parents so that they can take care of him. Since Dreamland Chiro Superior 1 is suitable for pets who are living indoors, my babyboy will also get to enjoy the bed too =)


So, my parents have been sleeping in their new mattress for more than a month now and their feedback has been very good. My dad called me and told me that he manages to sleep through the night without having to wake up and readjust his sleeping posture because of the new mattress.

I’m so glad that both of them enjoy the mattress! Thanks to Dreamland for helping me to select the perfect gift for both of my parents!

For more info on this mattress please check out Dreamland’s website


you can find them on Facebook at and on YouTube!


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