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How many of you here shave your underarms like I always do?

Do you know shaving with razors will actually give your skin small cuts, hence your skin becomes rough and likely to get inflammations and pigmentations.

I know most of you might not really care because as long as when you raise your hands there are no hairy underarms you’re with. Well, you are not alone because I thought the same too! For me, waxing and plucking are too painful and troublesome. I want something that is less time consuming, zero pain and most importantly remove those hairs completely! Besides that, keep having to buy the shaver refills and bringing it with me whenever I’m traveling is super troublesome too! If I forgot to bring it with me it’s like the end of the world to me and Jo because I will have to use his electronic shaver fhl hahhaa. Don’t laugh because we experienced it before, it wasn’t as funny as you tot T___T

 Well, guess what! I’m about to introduce you guys a better solution for your hairy underarms or any part of your body hahaha. It’s called smooth skin control hair removal a.k.a. S.S.C from MUSEE Platinum Tokyo.

Let me explain on how it works before I share with you my own experience. S.S.C Hair Removal is a new state-of-the-art pain free technology. The S.S.C. Hair Removal specially formulated gel is activated when exposed to the beams of filtered light. This reaction delays new hair growth and also dulls hair growth, consequently lessens and obscures your hair. Basically it helps to remove your hair permanently. Yes, you heard it right, permanently! *Throw shaver out of the window

Let me share with you my own experience with S.S.C Hair Removal so it’s easier for you to understand!


Musee Platinum has 3 branches and they are located in The Curve, The Gardens, and Farenheit88. I’m sure they’ve got it covered for most of us in the Klang Valley. They are opening another 2 outlets soon, 1 at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya in November 2014 and another one at Sunway Pyramid, Petaling Jaya in December 2014, making it really convenient.


I went to the branch at The Curve as it was nearer to me and beforehand, I was asked not to use tweezers before the treatment for best result! All I needed to do was to make an appointment by phone and then show up!


When I arrived I was led to a room for a FREE one-on-one consultation to address my concerns about unwanted hair, my skin and physical condition, type of hair and self treatment method. After that, I was asked to fill in forms and answer a few medical questions for their record.

I learned that MUSEE’s special hair removal method called S.S.C Hair Removal is super skin friendly as it uses specially filtered light beams that only react with their formulated get so our skin structure is not damaged. The gel also helps to make your skin smoother and fairer.

Usually waxing is pretty costly because you have to keep going back to do it over and over again after your hair regrows. For S.S.C, it’s super cost effective in the long run because you will only need to pay RM288 for one time and get unlimited underarm hair removal! YES, UNLIMITED, you can go to MUSEE as many times as you like until your underarm hair is gone! The more treatments you receive, the more effective it is as the treatment lessens and obscures your hair. Plus, you can get their original cute little shaver for free and the promotion is valid unit end of this month only (October 2014)!

You must be wondering how can it be so cheap? Well, u’re not the only one because when I told my frens about it they have me the same reaction too! One of MUSEE’s promises is not to force you to purchase any other packages when you sign up because they only focused and specialized on S.S.C Hair Removal.

One thing I like about MUSEE is that they only specialize in S.S.C Hair Removal, so no waxing, no facials and no slimming. That’s one of the reasons why there is no hidden cost or pushy sales. You can really relax and enjoy the treatment.

Overall I’m very happy with MUSEE’s services, so let me share them with you now!


After the consultation, I was led to their changing room. They also provide you a locker to lock and keep your personal belongings. They even provide a pair of slippers for you to change into hehe.


You will also have to change into a robe that they provide.


Then I was brought in to the treatment room to begin my S.S.C Hair Removal treatment! I was so nervous at first because it was my first time hahahaha.


First, the beautician helped me to put on pair of glasses to protect my eyes from the light beams during the treatment.


Next I raise my hands so that she can clean my underarms hahahha.


Then, she shaves my underarms a little before the treatment to make sure I achieve a better result! Remember to shave before you come for treatment ya!


Then she applies a layer of specially formulated gel on my underarms. I was laughing because the gel was really cold hahahahaha.

Then the S.S.C Hair Removal treatment! Painful or not? No pain at all, it was just like she was flashing my underarms with torchlight because it was really bright. The process only took me 3 mins, super fast!!!! I was like, “Finish edi? I didn’t get to nap a little meh?”


After that she will scrape off the gel from my underarms.


Cleaned my underarms with a towel to make sure the gel is completely off.


Clean again with wet tissues then she massages and applies lotion for me!

That’s it! No pain, no sweating, no screaming and no teeth biting. How can you not love how cool the Japanese technology is! So smart and efficient!


Thanks to the lovely beautician for being so caring during the consultation and for being so gentle throughout the whole treatment.

By the way, if you’re a student it gets more awesome because they also have a special promotion for students! Students can enjoy HALF PRICE for unlimited underarms sessions and a cute shaver for free!! All you need to do is to LIKE MUSEE FB page (, make an appointment for a free consultation and bring your student ID to enjoy this promotion. Sighhh, so good to be a student man. Hurry before it ends on 31st Oct!

If you’re not a student like me, I think it’s still super worth it to get their underarms package! I will be planning my 2nd visit soon!


Finally, saying goodbye to underarms hair.

For more details and information please visit and


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