On the Island of Borneo- Day 2 & 3

Day 2 in Miri, we woke up early for breakfast and then we had around 2 hours to ourselves to explore our hotel!

Jo and I thought that we get to at least hang out at the beach a little but god knows there is no beach at the hotel ==” There is only the sea and a lot of rocks lol

DSC02085Just like in this picture, just blue skies, sea and rocks…

DSC02075Cant really do much there, so we just took a little walk and snapped some pictures. Then we headed back to our room and watched TV hahah

DSC02104We were given a disposable camera so that we can take pictures during our day tour in MIRI. Once I got the camera I was like, “How do I know if it’s ON?” 

14SBJazzFestMiriResize-0143It never stopped us from taking selfies even though there is no front camera or flip
up screen! “I think should be able to fit everyone la, just squeeze abit can edi! Ready 1, 2, 3”


Our first stop was a picnic by the beach! The Strongbow team did a great job preparing the picnic for us! There were fruits, juices, pasta, salad and Strongbow of cox..

DSC02111They prepared my favorite cherries and jambu!


Me and City gal!

DSC02106Besides that, there were some local biscuits too! The Strongbow team was like, we prepared towels just in case anyone decides to go for a swim haha


Darling and I on the yellow picnic mat!


Finally a group shot with Kampung Boy City Gal!


I dragged City Gal out to take a jumping shot at the beach because JO refused to go with me. Now I know why I got so tanned after this trip ==”

14SBJazzFestMiriResize-018314SBJazzFestMiriResize-0185The end result was super awesome though! Like a real photoshoot man!

14SBJazzFestMiriResize-0198Group shoot before we left for our next destination!


Jo being super anti social and camera shy hahaha. #notabloggerproblem


Our second destination was to Chop Chin Leong, a local Chinese bakery. It’s like when you go to Penang, you buy dao sa bia.


There is a lot of potential for photoshoots in the shop! Everything looks so retro and cool!

DSC02148Look at the amount of biscuits they produce everyday and they handmake each and everyone of them!!!

DSC02150This aunty is wrapping up 6 biscuits into a paper wrapper.



While everyone was busy buying biscuits, I did a little photoshoot hahah

DSC02162Kuih Lapis! You can order it in the bakery then pick them up at the airport before leaving. Very convenient and a awesome way to make sure it’s fresh and yummy!


Shopping spree at a local handicraft shop next lol.


I tried on this dart blower which was very cool!

DSC02172The reason why I’m the only one who got really tanned compare to the others … T__T


Group picture in front of the famous Grand Old Lady =) After this picture was taken, everyone ran like there was a dog chasing us lol. We rushed back into our car and enjoyed our air con… This was the last stop of our Miri day tour before heading back to our hotel, got some rest and got dressed for dinner and Borneo Jazz Fest!


Leave my hair up so halo to my forehead!


Dinner was at Ming Cafe!


There, you know what do to when you’re in Miri !


It’s time to eat, and this was my favorite dish of the night haha

DSC02201Each course was paired with a Strongbow cocktail prepared by the Strongbow team!

DSC02207I dont eat stingray but Jo says it was awesome!

DSC02208 Mini apple pie as dessert!


DSC02222How can we end our dinner without shots? Jaeger & Strongbow shots for everyone!! Surprisingly it tastes way better than mixing it with Redbull!!!

DSC02224Before drinking the shot, everyone knocked the glasses on the table as a toast! Super fun night!

DSC02225Salini from Geometry and Eileen from GAB! Thanks for this awesome trip and the hospitality!

DSC02226and of cox the awesome company, Kampung Boy and City Gal! =)

DSC02232We went straight to Borneo Jazz Festival after dinner and the ride only took us 5 min T___T Everything was so close to each other!!! From our hotel to the festival only took 2 min wtf


We got there a bit early so we get to enjoy the air-conned tent!

14SBJazzFestMiriResize-0292Our  jump shot before we left the festival!


Our last day in Miri was pretty relaxing la, we had lunch at a local Miri fastfood chain then after tat we went to the shop opposite the restaurant to da bao Mee Kolo!


Reached the airport around noon! Must pose with my mini pink luggage since everyone is doing it but mine is not from any fancy brand, I got it for Rm200 ==” LOL *copycat


BYE MIRI, thanks for your warm hospitality! I had lots of fun and lots of rest too because the hotel bed was way too comfy hahahha

Thanks to Strongbow and Nuffnang for this awesome experience!

Check out the official video of our Miri trip!


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    Ooh that felt like a celebrity show something.. I had to repeat 1:19 :))) <3 and you are so pretty

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    Where you got your pink luggage ya? 🙂

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