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Up And Above with P1

1Back in college in the US many years ago, Jo once flew me in a small plane the day he got his pilot’s license. It was a memorable experience as I remember being super happy because not many people get to experience being flown by someone you love. Ever since then I always wondered if I would get the same thrill as flying on a helicopter and I still remember asking Jo to get a helicopter license so that he could teach me how to fly a helicopter too. He was like, “Nah, they’re two different things”. When he graduated as a pilot there were no companies that were hiring so he had no choice but to go into a different field. No doubt, we were both frustrated, Jo couldn’t pursue what he really loved and for me, my dream of flying on a helicopter just sort of ended there haha. We both graduated and entered the lives as working adults until today.

Fast forward to today, while watching the infamous Fifty Shades of Grey (the scene where Christian takes Ana on a helicopter ride with Ellie Goulding’s Love Me Like You Do playing in the background) it just hit me ; Why didn’t I think of pursuing my dreams of flying a helicopter years ago? Why did I just let the gates of adulthood stand in the way of my teenage dreams?

And do dreams only come true in movies?

The memories of that faithful day where Jo flew me on a plane himself flash by and I remember him looking very happy and contented. I realized if there is one day I could learn to fly a helicopter, I will bring Jo along and to complete our dream to fly again together. And that’s when I decided to pursue and start living my teenage dream =)

So I began researching for helicopter training and courses in KL. It wasn’t easy. First, I learnt that being a passenger and actually piloting an aircraft are completely different things. Sure, they both fly, but very differently. Plus, it involves a lot of safety precautions and crossing out lots and lots of checklists – all pertaining security measures so it’s going to be a huge challenge for me! Considering the fact I actually have my passengers’ lives held accountable to my piloting skills give me jitters already.

Secondly, it is not cheap. Now I don’t usually like spending so much on something and I will rethink countless times before spending a large sum of money, and that’s why my dream is always put on hold haha. I kept telling myself I’ll wait for the day when I have saved enough money without compromising on my expenses and at the same time, I can gather the courage to take up piloting classes haha. Now it sounds like an excuse for me not to learn piloting yet because I am really afraid to take up the risks.

One day, I received a text from Sam (my blog manager) asking me if there is any goal that I would like to achieve, as P1 will help me to achieve my goal! I instantly thought of my helicopter dream. Jo thought it was a good idea for me to go on a helicopter ride to experience and see for myself first how it is like operating a helicopter. That way, it can help build up my courage a little, if not by a lot. Truth is, I think he just can’t wait for the day he finally gets to be chauffeured around on a helicopter by me lol.

So I agreed. I told Sam I want to fly on a helicopter and the next thing I know, I’m already on the way to Subang airport to grant my own wish! I am #ReadytoP1ay!

DSC07093 DSC07091I brought JO along because he has to be there to learn with me just in case I missed out on anything haha.

DSC07097The hangar that was filled with all sorts of airplane, even the model that JO flew in the US!

DSC07099This familiar looking aerobatic plane was the coolest!

DSC07107Her name is Robinson R44 (3 passengers)

DSC07103 Sam was there too!!! So fun that I get to enjoy this moment with people around me =)

DSC07110Hopped in and fastened my seatbelt!

DSC07111My expression clearly showed how excited I was being able to ride on a helicopter! I can’t wait to find out what’s gonna happen next!

DSC07115Captain Boon gave us a short briefing on how the controls worked and researching about helicopter classes online is really different than the real thing! Found out there was only one set of controls for a heli compared to an aircraft! The controls are also very, very sensitive so even the tiniest movement of the throttle or yoke would be very scary.

DSC07119Sneaked in a selfie before taking off!

DSC07120This is the long checklist that I was talking about! Look at the never ending guidelines you need to cross check before being cleared to take-off.

DSC07122The coolest thing about flying in the Robinson was that there were no landing gear, so to taxi, Captain Boon lifted off and hovered around the taxiway! It was like riding in a flying car!

DSC07126Taking off now, peace out!

DSC07130Besides lots of checklists, there was also lots of communicating between the pilot, ground control, Subang tower, and KL control. I think I would be super nervous and might forget to take my finger off the mic button when it comes the day I have to pilot on my own…. Sweat!

DSC07132Such a clear day for my dream flight!

DSC07143Approaching KL city!


DSC07148Flying a circle around KL to take in all the views!

DSC07152 DSC07150 I know I was excited for this but never did I imagine that we would literally be flying amongst the buildings! Everything seems to be next to you and I could have spied on what people were doing!

DSC07156Imagine if we landed at the palace for high tea, hahaha, I think we might end up in jail, please don’t try this kids.

DSC07158Landing back in Subang.

DSC07160After we touched down safely and turned off the engine, Captain Boon asked me to sit in the pilot’s seat and handed me to controls so I could at least feel how sensitive it was!

DSC07163Check out my ride for the day!

DSC07164Haha, got a certificate to prove my awesomeness and also to commemorate this special day! I have to say this experience was much more fulfilling than I imagined as I felt I’m a step towards being my own pilot on a helicopter!

So I did something I wouldn’t normally do, or should I say not many people will have the chance to experience the same. I would like to thank P1 for giving me the opportunity to take a leap of faith in believing that all it takes it a step forward to begin a journey to achieve your ultimate goal. And for me, it will always be flying a helicopter on my own, with my husband beside me!

It was truly an eye-opening experience and by just remembering the beautiful skyline and scenery from the helicopter ride gives me the confidence I always needed to start taking up flying courses. Now all I need is to save enough money to begin my journey and by then, I will dare say it will be huge game changer for me!

And no, it’s not true. Dreams do come true if you let it happen J

Similarly, this is what P1 is aiming to reach out to their customers too in their #ReadyToP1ay campaign, which is happening from June to September 2015! To welcome new customers to P1 enhanced 4G network, they have changed the game of how you use the broadband by offeringone month of FREE internet with ZERO upfront payment! Besides that, for customers signing up for ForHome®, ForBiz® or ToGo® bundled with MiFi devices with a minimum contract period of 24 months, a 1-month promotional discount will be applied for the first bill received (the rebate will be reflected in their bill).

So, are you #ReadytoP1ay? Please check out for more info.


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  • Reply Tatiana

    That is an awesome accomplishment! It had always been a dream of mines to take a helicopter ride, so I did it last year for my husband 30th birthday! Ha, his birthday but sneaky pick a gift idea really for me! It was amazing so I know how you feel. Get your license, sounds like such a cool skill, yo.

    June 25, 2015 at 9:35 pm
  • Reply Anonymous

    Wat is the function of blog manager? Is she help u a lot in manage ur blog?

    June 28, 2015 at 1:11 pm
    • Reply bobostephanie

      Blog Manager helps us to manage our blog and also events

      July 23, 2015 at 9:50 pm
  • Reply Sammy

    Right when you says dreams do come true if you let it happen. 🙂 I guess in all circumstances, it is important to take the 1st step.. without the initial steps, nothing can be achieved. Thank you for sharing ur dreams with us!!!! 😀

    June 29, 2015 at 10:25 am
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