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The Brush Guard

Recently I have been looking for a cute case for my make up brushes but all I can find is a black and boring case. So, the other day when I was surfing net as usual, I found this very cool product that helps in storing our brushes. After doing some research on this product, Im  100% sure that this is the thing that i need to get in order to keep my brushes in prefect shape. It arrived a few days ago and after I tried it I, just couldn’t wait to share it with all my readers and friends.

So here we go,

Here it is, The Brush Guard.

I bought the variety pack, it came with..

1 large-Powder/Kabuki

2 medium- Foundation

2 small-Blush

1 extra small-Shadow/liner.

You can also get them individually.

It’s actually a stretchable, breathable plastic tube. So it helps your brush stay in shape and also keep it away from dust.

Let me show you how this cute little thing work.

First, hold you brush like this. (I’m using my powder brush as an example)

Then, slip the correct sized brush guard ( large) over the brush handle.

This is the end result. It’s really easy and handy.

The brush guard is really tough and  it can even hold up the brush. So, you don’t have to worry if you put your brushes in a normal soft case without any protection.

You might need to leave half an inch of the brush guard sticking out to keep dust away from your brushes.

Another benefit of the brush guard is right after you clean your brush, you can use the brush guard during the drying process.

This helps your brush stay in shape and also keep the water out of the brush. So, basically we are using gravity  to pull moisture away from the ferrule. In this way, the water won’t wick into the ferrule and spoil the glue.

I’m glad that I can use my old case that I have been using for my brushes without worrying about the shape of my brushes.

Isn’t it easy and useful…Love it!


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  • Reply littlelovemich

    omg!!! babe i need one! i saw this on michelle phan’s videos… help me get one plss! hehehe!!!! missing ya! waiting for u to come back…

    March 1, 2010 at 9:19 am
  • Reply bobostephanie

    Hey baby, I got it from They ship internationally, so you don’t have to wait till may to start protecting your brush.

    March 2, 2010 at 1:55 pm
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