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Like most office ladies out there, I usually spend most of my weekdays (9am-5pm) in an air conditioned office. Having to wake up early every morning and spending the least amount of time on makeup and dressing up is pretty challenging. I usually try to prepare my outfit the night before but I can’t do that for my face so I always try to minimize the time I spend on putting on makeup.

If you’re an OL like me this post is dedicated to you because I’m about to share with you my secret of my daily effortless look for weekdays!

I used to depend a lot on liquid foundation because I like the coverage and the smooth skin effect that it gives me but after long hours of wearing it. I find it very uncomfortable because it’s too thick and too heavy for daily makeup. After liquid foundation, I moved on to BB cream because a few of my friends recommended me a few brands that worked for them. Unfortunately, BB cream doesn’t work on me =( it gives me breakups and oily skin. I had to remove my makeup after a few hours so I stopped using it. After trying on a few different foundations, I finally found one which is perfect for my skin and it’s called CC cream.

What does CC cream mean? CC stands for “Color Control” and its formulation encompasses the best of foundation, base cream and BB cream. It helps to cover pores and unevenness in skin, giving it a fresh, long-lasting natural appearance. Most importantly, it is rated for SPF 50+ PA++++ so I can save my time on applying another layer of sunscreen.


I’m currently using EX:BEAUTE CC CREAM from Madre:X (natural).


The reason why I chose Madre:x’s Exbeaute CC cream is because of the long-lasting natural full coverage effect that it gives me. Due to my full time job I don’t have time to touch up or re-do my makeup half way through the day, and this CC cream manages to control my facial oil and sebum, so my makeup stays fresh and lasts longer, as well as minimizing breakouts! Their coverage is perfect to conceal pores, dark spots or uneven skin tone! Most importantly the texture is pretty watery and light!


Just to show you its’ waterproof qualities! The CC cream remained on my hand even under running water!


I no longer have to worry about sweating edi!


I did a before and after pic to show you the differences! So on weekdays, I usually just apply a layer of CC cream, draw my eyebrows then slap on some blush and I’m ready to go!!


This is the after effect after a layer of CC cream =) It’s very natural and it matches my skintone very well!


If you’re currently looking for a foundation for your daily look, I will strongly recommend you to try Madre:x’s Exbeaute CC cream! You can check out their page for more cosmetic and skincare products too Quote “MDXBBS” for RM20 off every RM100 purchased (code only valid for online purchases), valid till 30th April 2017! The product is also available at 1st Floor, Wa Beauty in Isetan, The Gardens.



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