Selamat Datang Ke SHELL

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Would you consider yourself to be a morning person? Haha, I won’t lie, I am probably the grumpiest in the mornings, and Jo is well aware of this. He has probably learned the hard way over the years, but you can’t blame me right? Why is the alarm so annoying? Why is the sun so bright? Why is the tap so cold? Hahaha, there are literally a thousand things that can irritate me in the morning.

When I was still working in a media company a few years back, I hated waking up super early in the morning to drive to work because my office was located in Pusat Bandar Damansara and I lived in Puchong! It would be a super long commute, at least 45 mins to an hour, cause of the rush hour jams and knowing that it would be a super long day ahead (those of you working in a media company or accounting firm would know…) it just becomes unbearable sometimes.

I have my “go-to” place for a little pick me up in the mornings, and it is not a place most of you would expect. Not any fancy hip cafes or brunch spots certainly, but a Shell petrol station. Specifically the Shell station at the Awan Besar rest area heading towards KL!

This was “my” Shell station, as I would stop by most mornings for petrol, a quick beverage, and the requisite butter croissant! The staff would always greet me as if they have known me all my life and my grumpiness would be forgotten. The selection at the Deli2Go is always impressive and I’d always have trouble picking from one of their fresh pastries!


A little treat and the warmth from the staff never fail to pick me up in the mornings and take my mind off the traffic and busy day ahead!

Now that I’m no longer working there and commuting this route daily, I kinda miss my morning stops at my Shell station but it is nice to know that this warmth and this service is not isolated to one station only.

Shell has embarked on a three year transformation programme, “Welcome to Shell”, aimed at achieving high standards in hospitality and customer service at all Shell stations. How about you? Do share with me your personal or memorable #StationStories.



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