Autumn in Tokyo (Day 3 – Puroland)

Warning: This post is going to be filled with pink colors and Hello Kitty, so if you’re allergic to pink or Hello Kitty you should click on the X at the upper right hand corner.

Now, for those who’ve decided to continue reading, come along, let’s start!

I cant really decide which pictures to share so I decided to just put everything up! Total of 53 pictures, no need to say ‘thank you’ =)

 I planned to visit Puroland on my 2nd day in Tokyo but then the rain spoiled our plan so we went on the 3rd day instead… but it still rained ==” I told Jo we cant afford to delay another day because it will be the weekend and I assumed it will be crowded.

So we woke up at around 9am, got ready and headed out. We were thinking we still have plenty of time to spare so Jo suggested we should have brunch at Omotesando, Harajuku, first.


My look for Puroland… I know if it’s more Harajuku than Hello Kitty but its ok because I didnt bring any pink outfits =(

JWL_7993The weather was perfect because it was quite warm!

JWL_7994A random cute restaurant in “Cat Street” Harajuku…


Most of the brands in Harajuku are quite high end and super nice! Sadly, I cant afford anything there T___T

JWL_8000Super cute store that sells only baby clothes!!!


Mini truck that sells food to go!


Reached our brunch restaurant! Jo found this burger place online when we were craving to have western food… It’s called The Great Burger

JWL_8003I just realized instead of EXIT it’s written EAT hahaha.

JWL_8008The burger is super awesome, no wonder it’s called The Great Burger!! The fries were my favorite because it’s super crispy and thin! I hate thick cut fries ==”


The portion is quite big but I finished everything by myself =)

JWL_8010Yea, I want to make u all hungry hehehehe. The patty is full of flavor and they toasted the bun with butter !!! SUPER AWESOME!

JWL_8011Finished brunch and saw this very cute smoking area with 2 burger stools hehe

Ok, the journey to Puroland takes quite long, as we had to take a 30 min train to the station from Harajuku, and then it takes around 10 min to walk to Puroland. It cost us around 550 yen from Nihombashi to Puroland.


Just me, trees and my hat =P

JWL_8024Finally reached Sanrio Puroland, super excited I think I snapped 20 pictures at the entrance. hahah

JWL_8028Once you enter the entrance you can straight away see all the cute Kitty decor edi !! Everything was in pink including the ticket and maps heheheh

JWL_8031Thank god we made it in time for the dream parade! I managed to meet Daniel and Hello Kitty in person… from afar  ahahha

JWL_8033That’s Kitty and Daniel in their LED outfits hahaha.

JWL_8038I find this picture to be super cute!!!

JWL_8041Mr Daniel

JWL_8043and my fav Hello Kitty!

The parade only takes place twice a day and it was super pretty!!


To be honest, Puroland is all about watching performances and taking pictures only ==” There are no rides or anything else. It’s totally different from Disneyland, so if you’re not into Sanrio characters, I dont think you should go because it’s kinda waste of money =( BUT if you have kids/babies and if they are really into Sanrio characters, this place is totally the ONE you should visit. Besides that, most visitors here are Japanese and the place is quite cozy, so it’s a great experience!


We watched Hello Kitty in Wonderland, haha it’s a musical inspired by Alice in Wonderland.

JWL_8054The theme of the play is CUTE and CUTE!

We didnt finish the play because we were in a hurry. Puroland closes at 5pm and we reached at around 3.30 pm I was so worried that I didnt have enough time to meet Hello Kitty so we left the play before it ended.


If you ever wonder, this is how Hello Kitty’s house looks like.

JWL_8064While waiting for her to get dressed hahaha, I waited for her in the living room haha

JWL_8067Walked around her balcony

JWL_8068Then i saw this very cute screen and I was like what is this?

JWL_8070…a few seconds later, I was dressed in a pink gown and waving like a princess.


I cant seem to find my lipstick….can u?


When in Japan sit like a Japanese =)

JWL_8079Now I know why is Hello Kitty so fair/white.. because she showers with milk everyday ==”


I also found out that Hello Kitty loves desserts…

JWL_8081Look at the amount of cakes she has in her room ==”


Super big teddy that popped out from her closet

photo (1)After visiting her house, we finally get to meet Hello Kitty in person. She is actually quite tall… Who says she is 5 apples tall?? Jo forced to take a picture with us because Hello Kitty insisted he should take it together even though Jo says No No its ok.


A very cute kitty letter box!


on the way out from Kitty’s House I bumped into her frens =)

JWL_8094The wall with every single Kitty magazine ever published…

JWL_8095JO insisted I should buy this hat but I didnt because I cant wear it in Malaysia!

JWL_8098While I was walking I saw this cute creature walking around scaring ppl. The moment she turned around I was like “OMG DAMN CUTE!!” scare me now faster hahaha. She was walking around freely on the second floor so I took a video and picture with her hehee.

JWL_8101Puroland with rainbow lights on =) I always dreamed to visit Puroland when I was in high school. I remember telling my dad I will visit Japan one day to just to go to Puroland and my dreams came true =) Good things go to those who wait patiently. So dont stop dreaming because I always believe that dreams will come true in the end, it’s just a matter of time =) Tats y Jo always say I live in my dream and I always reply but my dreams come true one wor!!!


Spot me in the claw machine hehehe


Our pre dinner before heading back to Tokyo!


Super cute donut but it didn’t taste very good T____T Nvm la still pass la cox you’re cute hahah


We met up with Manami, our friend from WMU for dinner. Manami brought us to Tsunahachi for tempura dinner! It was awesome, they served us a 3 course meal, the shrimp was so fresh and yummy!! My favorite was the last dish, it was fried shrimp cake on white rice, drizzled with their special sauce, super delicious! I also tried their tempura eggyolks hahaha


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    I like the “spot me in clawmachine” picture so much!!!!

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    The other side of the “EAT” sign says “EXIT”. It’s reflected in the glass. That’s pretty clever huh? XD

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    All your pictures are so pretty. And I have a question, how can you walk in those heels?? Haha I don’t think I can walk for more than 15mins in those.

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    OMO! It’s so so so so CUTE!!!!

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    The pictures are so pretty !!! Please teach me how do you edit your photos to get those effects :DD Pweaseeeeee ~~~

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    I think that’s a great outfit to visit puroland with! If you wear all Pinky, you will end up blending in with the background and we won’t notice you ;Pnn

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