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Rakuten Shopping Hacks

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Today’s post will be another #BoboTip for my readers, hahaha. Does everyone shop through the popular site, Rakuten Online Shopping? If you don’t, or have not heard of Rakuten Online Shopping, let me briefly intro you a bit on Rakuten.


Rakuten launched in Malaysia way back in November 2012, and currently carries over 210,000 goods from over 900 vendors. These vendors include popular household names like large electrical appliance chains and even leading pharmacies! Besides that, Rakuten also caters to a diverse mix of categories such as fashion, accessories, health and beauty, electronics, toys, games, furniture, books, sports, and everything you can think of. By the amount of time I’ve spent on this site, I really think their global tagline of “Shopping is Entertainment” really applies to me, hahahaha.

Anyway, today I’m going to teach you guys how some #RakutenShoppingHacks and I’ll show you step by step on how to get the best deal possible on something that I recently bought.

The most important aspect of this “hack” is to understand and fully utilize their Super Points system to your advantage! Obviously the first step is to sign up for a free account to start accumulating Super Points. Do keep in mind that 1 Super Point = RM1 that you may use towards your next purchase!

Right now, Rakuten is having their 5x Rakuten Super Point programme, and you get 5x the amount of points as per normal (5% points rebate instead of 1%)!

OK, so the item I’m buying is a Samsung Note 5 for Jo, who wants to replace his 2-year old phone. I found a good deal from this popular vendor.


Notice that during the 5x Rakuten Super Points programme (5% rebate on purchase price), I will earn 134.95 Points (instead of the usual 1% rebate on purchase price; 26.99 Points).

In addition to this, Rakuten gives out free vouchers EVERY WEEKEND! How awesome is that!


If you are not making purchases on weekends, also keep in mind that Mastercard holders enjoy an additional 5% discount every WEDNESDAY! So, if your 5% discount amounts to more than the RM5 coupon they are offering this weekend, buy on Wednesday using a Mastercard! So for my purchase, using a Mastercard to purchase on Wednesday would saved me RM134.95, much more compared to the RM5 weekend voucher!

So now I’ve purchased the phone and earned 134.95 Super Points, I’m going to buy a phone case and I do not intend to spend any money on it!!! Hahaha.

OK, notice on their front page that says Grand Opening? Yes, new stores that have recently joined Rakuten Online Shopping offers discounts up to 50% off!


I just happened to find a new vendor selling consumer electronics and accessories, so, perfect for me!


This vendor is offering a 10% discount on all items, so, my next combination is:

Grand Opening Sale code (10% discount) + 134.95 Super Points

I got an original Samsung phone case for FREE!

Imagine the possibilities and hacks you can come up with to get the best deals possible! If you are furnishing a new house, this will be perfect for you, remember to buy the most expensive items first for example a refrigerator or LED TV, then use the 5x Super Points programme to earn points to buy cheaper items such as blenders or kettles for close to nothing!

Also, remember to sign up for Rakuten newsletters to receive all the latest sale and seasonal campaign information. This way you won’t miss out on specials and weekend vouchers that you can use towards your #RakutenShoppingHacks!

Please share with me and other fellow readers your best #RakutenShoppingHacks so we can all shop wisely!

For more info please check out

Have fun shopping, everyone!


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