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ReLEx SMILE – Pre Lasik Eye Examination

So, I’m sure most of you already know that I have recently done Lasik at Optimax. Since I received a few of your DMs asking me to share my experience on the process, I decided to do it on my blog so it’s easier to read and reference for any of you who are interested..

I have been wearing spectacles for almost 15-16 years. It has been a constant part in my life until I started wearing coloured contact lenses. I remember the first time I put on lenses I was so amazed and I thanked the person who invented them. Ever since then I only wear specs at home and most of the time I’m wearing coloured lenses. It has been good until I started getting eye infections and my doctor told me I need to lay off lenses for at least 1 month to let my eyes rest. I was pretty upset because I don’t think I can ever live without lenses! My outfits, my makeup and looks are not as perfect as when I was wearing lenses 😂

Don’t even get me started about wearing specs to the gym, it’s so annoying! I have to keep adjusting and cleaning my specs because of my sweaty face.

Then one day when I was talking to a friend who has done lasik a few years ago, she told me it’s the best decision she has ever made. I was so desperate to get rid of my lenses so I did some research then I decided to go to Optimax for consultation. In this post I will be sharing my experience on my eye examination first because I think it’s really important to those who are interested in doing lasik.

I went to Optimax in Sri Petaling because it’s near to my place. Optimax has a few branches and you can check out their web site for other locations. I really like Optimax in Sri Petaling because it’s new and they have 2 reserved parking spots right in front of the clinic for their patients.

Before I went there, they had already informed me to lay off my lenses for 7 days, for more accurate examination results. To avoid going back and forth to the clinic, usually most patients will do the examination on the same day of lasik procedure but they told me to get my eyes checked before the procedure because I was having an eye infection. It’s better to figure out what’s wrong with my eyes before deciding on the procedure. Another benefit of doing the eye examination first was that I get to find out which lasik treatment is more suitable for me.

They then lead me to a room full of eye checkup machines. It took me around 30 – 45 min to complete a few different checkups.

First they checked my eye sight power!

Then they have to make sure which one of my eye is stronger and which is the weak eye. My left eye is stronger than my right 😬

The last examination is to check the thickness of my cornea. This is very important because if your corneal thickness is less than 500 microns you are not qualified to undergo lasik procedure. Thank god mine was 530 microns so it’s thick enough to proceed with lasik!

The final step of the examination was to check if I have any eye diseases. They gave me a special eye drop to dilate my eyes, which also helps to relax my eye muscles and also expand my pupils. The purpose is to allow them to check the back of my eyes including my retina. Hahaha anyway after the eye drops I had a chance to experience presbyopia (老花眼)for two days 😂 I totally understand how troublesome to have presbyopia now. Am I the only one who think it’s so damn cool?

This is how the back of my eye looks like. They told me my eyes are pretty dry so they advise me to use eye drops everyday to help keep my eyes moist.

After all the examinations, we proceeded to another room to learn more about Lasik procedure and also to choose which treatment is more suitable for me. I was given two different lasik procedures to choose from, Femto-LASIK Surgery and ReLEx SMILE!

I decided to go with ReLEx SMILE because ReLEx SMILE procedure does not require a corneal flap, which means it’s a blade-less procedure! No blade means faster recovery and no eye shields! You also encounter 80% less chances of dry eyes and the procedure only takes around 25mins total for both eyes! Most importantly is that it’s pain-less XD

I was given two boxes of lubricating eye drops because of my dry eyes. I was told to use them until the day of the procedure.

Thank you to the Optimax team for being so patient while explaining everything to me. ❤️

I think I better keep my procedure for another post because I have too much to share hahaha. Till then!

Good news to all my readers! This Christmas Optimax is giving FREE COMPLETE EYE Examination that cost RM360 to all from now until 31/12/2018! Please call 1800-881-201 to made an appointment.

For more info on OPTIMAX branches please click on the link!


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