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Autumn in Tokyo – Day 4 & 5

After I started using Dayre (@bobostephanie), I have had this lingering thought of giving up on my blog …

 I know it’s a bad idea because you guys enjoy reading my blog more RIGHT??? *pointing at everyone with a knife lol

I seriously think I keep my Dayre more updated compared to my blog lol so if you enjoy reading “Bobo’s Day” go there. I think you will like my Dayre more! =)

Back to blogging about my trip to Japan from a few months ago!


Disco pants- American Apparel
Flats- BKK
Sweater- H&M
Bag- Chanel

JWL_8115We needed to go get some Tokyo Bananas and the nearest place was Daimaru in Tokyo Station. We decided to just go into a random restaurant in Tokyo Station cause they never fail to amaze us! We went into a restaurant that sells beef tongue! It’s super delicious, the beef was so tender and juicy! Isn’t it amazing how you can find super amazing restaurants in a train station?


My sexy look and my sexy beef lunch lol… One thing I dont really like about eating in Japan is their tiny portions T____T It doesn’t fill my monster tummy!


A few pieces of beef doesnt really fill up my monster tummy so I headed next door to a standing sushi bar for some sushi!


If I show this picture to Malaysian sushi restaurants they must be very surprised that a tamago can be this big LOL. It’s bigger than the rice!! M’sia version is damn pathetic because of the tiny and really old piece of egg on top of a huge ball of rice.

20131026_130810Most of the sushi costs around 100 yen! They are really cheap and really fresh! Jo having slightly torched salmon mayo sushi.


The interior of the standing sushi bar! Simple and clean!


Then headed to the Tokyo Banana store to buy all the bananas!

JWL_8135Then spent our sweet time walking around the supermarket since it was raining outside. Stopped by this juice bar for some grape juice! These massive grapes were in season and they were super sweet.

photo 1 (1) 2

Something very unique to Japan is the amazing selection of food in the basement of every large department store. Everything looks so freaking good and you might get a headache thinking of which to buy!! Or you could just end up buying everything…

photo 1 photo 3 (2)

Super duper fresh sashimi with rice!

photo 4 (3)

Amazing selection of fried pork and croquettes!

photo 4 (2)

Kobe beef section. Jo literally stood here staring for a few minutes. Kept telling me about the “marbling” on the meat, and I was like what??? The fat is really evenly distributed into the meat. It must have been one big fat happy cow…

photo 3

Seasonal bento boxes. I love how the boxes are made of styrofoam but made to look like wood.

photo 4

Needless to say, whenever I see onigiri, I have to buy one. Didn’t know how to read or ask so just randomly bought one, but it was too fishy, lol. Still wondering what was in it. We try to be adventurous and try everything and most of the time they turn out good! Hahaha

photo 4 (4)

Darling, can I buy one? Jo, “Ooh, like Japanese AV?”.

Walked away…

JWL_8140The rain finally stopped so we headed back out to Shibuya to explore and shop some more.


Had a really yummy milk pudding from 7-11!


It was Halloween and Shibuya was getting really busy! Lots of last minute shopping and I loved how the Japanese girls would really put effort into their make up and outfits!

photo 2 (1) 

Went for purikura again but Jo didn’t want to join me. Purikura is kind of a big thing during festivals cause the girls were coming in groups to rent costumes and take pictures


Shibuya Station was super congested as usual. Might be a slight culture shock to some people cause there are people EVERYWHERE you loo


Took the subway to Roppongi Hills for dinner and a walk. It was so pretty and we could see Tokyo Tower from a distance

JWL_8160 It was quite cold so I swapped jackets with Jo.

photo 4 (1)

 This is a little over indulgent for a late night snack but what the heck la, holiday after all, hahaha. I stopped 2 girls in costumes to ask them where they were headed and they agreed to bring us along! They were so friendly and nice, but ended up going to a club and we didn’t dress up, so went back to Shibuya to “people watch” hehe.


Halloween in Japan is really so much fun. I dont understand why it’s so different here in Malaysia where girls hesitate to dress up, and even if they do, they just tend to stand around in clubs and pose. Damn WTF la.

photo 5 (1)

 Went for 1 last round of late night shopping and stocked up on a lot of brown eye lashes!


Our Japan trip also coincided with our first wedding anniversary! The last time we booked a trip to Japan, we did so unknowingly that we would manage to take our wedding photos there as well, not to mention during Sakura season ! Always something special happens coincidentally. This place surely got magic, hahaha.

JWL_8186Anyway, since it was our wedding anniversary, Jo suggested that we should head over to Daimaru, Tokyo Station, buy some bento boxes and have a little picnic at the Imperial Gardens. Just so happens that the sun was out and the weather was perfect the next day!

photoMe and my cute bento box, hehehe.



The weather was just perfect, so took the opportunity to camwhore a bit.

Top- Topshop
Hotshorts- Topshop
Bootie- H&M
Bag- Chanel
Sweater- Topman

JWL_8209 JWL_8212 JWL_8213

The gardens are super well maintained and really pretty. Too bad we were in Japan about a month too early, if not we would be able to see the Fall colours!

JWL_8215 JWL_8218

Super crazy hair cause of the strong wind. At first we were wondering if we could sit on the grass cause it was super duper clean and well manicured, lol. Didn’t dare to cause it looks like a “display” set, hahaha, but after that we saw a lot of locals having lunch on the grass, so I had to go kiasu a bit.


After that we headed over to Harajuku cause we didn’t have time to shop around the other day. We just stopped by for burgers. Anyway make sure you check out Cat Street when you’re there, the little shops are super trendy and chiq, and the prices are not too bad as well.



Takeshita Street during the weekends is chaos. It was super packed with people but luckily the Japanese are super well mannered so nobody will push you around. Can’t say the same about some other Asian countries.

photo 3 (3)

Super yummy Calbee potato chips with chocolate sauce. Told you me and Jo decided to give up on our diets during our trip.


In the late afternoon, we were quite tired from all the walking so went over to Starbucks in Omotesando for my favorite roasted almond latte.


And last but not least, we decided to have Korean BBQ for dinner to celebrate our anniversary!!! Let me tell you, I now understand why Koreans love their BBQ, especially in cold weather. It is super satisfying after a long day out in the cold, and my bowl of ramyun with pork dumplings was really daebak. 

The next day, we had to wake up early to meet up with my supplier, so we went back to our hotel after dinner to get some rest. I will probably continue the next post on our last few days in Osaka so, stay tuned!



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