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Bobo’s Day – Hari Raya Holidays Edition!

Last week’s holidays was one of the longest I have experienced since I started to work as a OL (office lady).

Even on the first day of the holidays I started complaining to Jo that holidays are so boring and I’d rather work than stay home doing nothing… Well, I guess I was wrong because today, I would rather spend my time in the bed or doing nothing, rather than work T___T Being a libra, I’m quite indecisive, I cant decide which I prefer u know… Work or being useless. =(

I always envy those who dont have to work, their lives are all about eating, traveling, hightea, and hanging out with friends who dont need to work too T___T When I look at their pictures I always turn to Jo and say, “Y they can be so free one! No need to earn money one meh?” Jo says ” Ppl come from rich family cannot meh?” Aiya true la but I have met a few frens who come from a rich family but they still work like a dog. OK la, I’m being sour la!!!

Anyway, I sort of experienced their life last week because of the Hari Raya holidays. I have to say it was pretty boring. I had zero things to do besides eat, sleep, watch TV, shopping and sleep again…. Maybe I’m too old to party everyday? Or maybe I’m just a boring person that dont have much plans at all. I SERIOUSLY HAVE NO IDEA!!!

Since we had nothing to do, Jo decided to go trim his hair at 76Style MV, so I followed along and did a treatment there. I tried out their Milbon treatment and it was awesome, it only took 15 mins to finish the whole treatment!! My hair is still very smooth and it makes my hair extra easy to style!! They are having a August promotion for MILBON and it’s now RM98 instead of RM160!! (only available at Bangsar or Mid Valley)

CYMERA_20130808_175407After 76style, I suggested we should head over to Publika for dinner and drinks since it’s  quite near to MV. This tapas restaurant was having a promotion for a pizza and 4 bottles of beer for RM88nett, so why not? I had 1 bottle of Corona and Jo finished the other 3, hahahhaa as usual la I dont like beer one.

CYMERA_20130808_223929Then I kinda hibernated while waiting for our food so Jo says, “You dont like to hang out with me one hor? When we hang out then u have nothing to say but at home u talk nonstop? Y a?” I replied “I also dont know! I tend to zone out whenever I have the chance to do so. WALAU, u cannot talk one meh!” Does any of you have this kind of problem? U know when u’re out drinking or hanging out with ur bf/husband alone, u tend to become very shy and avoid looking or talking to him? Or am I just weird ?

CYMERA_20130808_221916My current favourite lip stick, Loreal (Vivid rose). I have no idea where to get this lipstick because it was one of the products that I had to review for VIVI magazine. The color is pretty sharp and it’s super moisturising!

CYMERA_20130808_222132We had brunch at NOSH, Bangsar, the other day, then I saw that they have this drink called Babycino! I was like I WANT TO TRY THIS! Once I drank it I looked at Jo and said, “Darling, I dont think I can sleep tonight liao but nvm cox it’s holiday!” Jo was like “Babe, please la there is no coffee inside la! It’s only chocolate and milk la!” HALO, for people like me who dont drink coffee this is like a coffee to me le!!! It’s my CAPPUCCINO LA!

C360_2013-08-09-22-05-34-083Went home to Kuala Pilah the other day and found this tiny Hello Kitty table back in my highschool “memories” boxes! I insisted to bring it back for our baby boy. I still haven’t figured out how he can use this table but currently I’m using it as a lap table for me to watch RM in bed ==” hahaha

20130807-190812.jpgBought a water dispenser on Mydeal awhile ago! I was so happy that we get to have our own dispenser in our room but it turned out to be too small for humans hahhaa. I passed it to baby boy so now he gets to have his own dispenser in the room!!! I was trying to teach him to refill his own water himself but failed la. He just wont listen to my directions!

20130807-171919.jpgWhite mani and pedi, yeay…

20130807-171944.jpgHave any of you watched Conjuring? Jo watched it with his frens at work the other day then he came back and told me NOT SCARY ONE!! Then I suggested since it’s not scary we should totally watch it together in the cinema because Jo hardly watches horror movies with me! Both of us went and scared the shit out of ourselves! I was covering my eyes and ears thru out the whole movie, literally! It was SO scary that I couldnt sleep for a night and I had to cover myself in my blanket and watch RM to keep myself happy/busy so I wont keep thinking of the scenes. Note to myself, all horror movies will turn out to be 100% scarier if u watch it in the cinema!

CYMERA_20130809_141440Repaired my torn Balenciaga wallet by using a Hello Kitty bandage =)

PhotoGrid_1375873292866Bridal Shower for Xuemei in Majestic Hotel! This place is a little overrated and too pricey for hightea. I think most of us are just paying extra for a pretty place to camwhore =(

C360_2013-08-10-11-56-25-090What you do when u’re way too bored and have no plans… you go for a swim. Woke up at around 11am and decided to go for a swim and get myself tanned. After an hour of swimming/playing with my float, I told Jo that I have burned enough calories for the day and we should go to McDonalds for lunch!!!

C360_2013-08-09-15-24-04-861We have never watched a Imax movie before so we went to the one in Sunway! We watched Pacific Rim again and it was awesome! The screen was huge and the effects were really something worth paying for la. I told Jo next time I will only watch 3D movies in a IMAX cinema!! I’m super excited for AVATAR 2 now!!!

Thats how I spent my Raya holidays!


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  • Reply EuniceSzetheng

    My boyfriend forced me to watch with me the other day! Didn’t wanna watch but he insisted me to watch with him! So I went in with my iPad and watched my own movie in the theatre throughout the whole conjuring!

    August 12, 2013 at 7:29 pm
  • Reply ally

    EuniceSzetheng, so that was you! i was wondering, which weirdo would bring his/her own ipad to the cinema? lol!nn

    August 13, 2013 at 11:14 am
  • Reply selina

    bobo where is your pool, in your house?

    August 13, 2013 at 8:13 pm
  • Reply lynncho

    bobo may i know did u perm ur hair to have that nice straight bob?

    August 14, 2013 at 9:22 am
  • Reply Bobostephanie

    nope u didnt, I only blow dry it =)

    August 14, 2013 at 9:42 am
  • Reply Bobostephanie

    it’s in the clubhouse at our place

    August 14, 2013 at 9:43 am
  • Reply LurvlyTruly

    Mad love with ur statement necklace!!

    August 22, 2013 at 12:04 pm
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