Halo, Tokyo! – Part 1

The city that I most looked forward to visiting when I was in Japan, Tokyo!

I have been hearing a lot of positive things about Toyko from my friends, my parents, my aunties and etc

They just cant stop telling how awesome Tokyo is.

I had very high expectations and thank god it didnt disappoint!

Shorts- Topshop
Boots- Taiwan
Coat- Urban Outfitters
Headband- MURUA

In love with this head band from MURUA, the combination of my favourite colors, black and gold.

Before boarding the train we went to the bento stall to buy our lunch. I chose to have a sushi bento; their sashimi are so fresh!

Jo had some beef rice thingy.. Cant remember.

The first day we reached Tokyo it was raining all day. It was actually a storm and we had no idea! We bought a disposable umbrella for 500 yen ==” The wind was too strong and our umbrella broke right after we stepped out of the building. Sigh, wasted our money.

We had no idea the storm was so serious on that day, we even went outdoors for shopping, super brave hahha

I only found out the storm was pretty dangerous in the morning while watching the news and some trucks on the highway even flipped over due to the strong winds.

We got stuck in a JR station and I was starving so we had udon for a light meal ==”

Harajuku Station, the name reminds me of the perfume hahaha

The Ueno JR station in our hotel’s area is super nice because they have all sorts of food, even Thai food!!!

We went to this restaurant that only sells soup! It was pretty yummy! (It’s inside the JR station too)

Sakura blossoms outside Ueno JR Station.

Our 2nd day in Tokyo, the weather was perfect!!!

Pink Sakura blossoms in Ueno Park!

Jo and I under the pink Sakura tree. (Jo asked me to post more pictures of him last night)

Look at the beautiful park!!! pls ignore those aunties hahahahahha

Our breakfast; we had too much Japanese food and thank god we found this breakfast place in the station!

I realized Japanese are used to eating alone because all the restaurants we went to had tables only for one. Most of them eat in the restaurants alone, with their phone only, eating while playing with their phone all the time!

Went to Harujuku again because we didnt get to shop much the day before.

Waw even my hair color looks damn nice when I was in Japan! Japan has the ability to convert everything cuter or prettier! hahah

Went to the Bathing Ape store and got my sister a T shirt =)

I finally met Hachiko! I tell you I watched the film a few times and I cried like a baby every time I watch it. I told myself one day I will make a trip to Japan just to visit him in person! I was so happy when I finally saw him. *drama hahaha

We went to visit the Museum (opposite Hachiko satute)

Went to Shibuya 109 to meet up with Cheesie and Shiori. I remember Cheesie telling me that this is THE MALL in Japan haha

Picture of us after our little shopping session in 109 =)

Showing off our shopping bags hahahahhaha

We took Purikura together and I fell in love with this machine! I wish I can keep one at home and take unlimited pictures!

A Bathing Ape T shirt I bought for my twin.

Bought silver and gold colored collar pins for myself and my sister.

and also this cute little headband… Well, I bought a few other stuff too but forgot to take pictures haha

Jo ran up to the Starbucks above Shibuya crossing and took a few pictures of the famous crossing hehe

He took 2 shots then a Starbucks employee chased him away hahaha

The scenery outside Ueno Station is super pretty!

We bought some Thai green curry and Pad Thai back to our hotel. It was pretty delicious, I think it was because we were sick of Japanese food edi ==”

I call it a little WMU reunion! We were so lucky that we got to meet up with a few friends that we met back in the States. Jo and I took the train to Daiba to have dinner with them! Thank god Jo is very very good with maps if not Im sure I will just spend a lot on Taxi fees.

They brought us to a classy Japanese restaurant and everything looks so expensive there ==”

You know what, I totally forgot whats the name of all the dishes because obviously they are in Japanese and it’s so hard to remember. Im super bad at languages! This was radish and scallop soup.

This Tofu is seriously the best I have ever had!!! I dont know how the Japanese make all the raw dishes taste so good and not disgusting at all! It looks weird la ok but it tasted really good! It’s a bit cold and …aiya forget about it la very hard to explain (I can never be a food blogger)… try it yourself if you have a chance ==”

Manami told us that the Japanese only eat this sashimi for celebrations! They ordered it because we were celebrating our WMU reunion in Japan!!! How cool is that!!!

Hahaha funny looking fried fish that is edible from head to tail.

Tempura! It’s cool to see how locals eat Japanese food because it was different from Japanese food in Malaysia. For example, they add salt before eating tempura and I was pretty surprised that they dont dip it in the soy sauce that comes with the tempura.

Last but not least, sticky rice with bamboo shoot!~ so good….. Their portion is quite small hahaha no wonder I didnt gain weight in Japan!

A picture of us! Thank you, Manami, for organizing this whole thing! We had lots of fun and it was great to finally see you all after so long!!

Rainbow bridge, so pretty!

Erika, Me, and Manami

The Broncos hehehehehhehe

More pictures of Jo!!!!!!

Then we headed to Crepe Ojisan to have dessert!!!

We had a green tea tiramisu, red bean, and ice cream crepe, I forgot the name ok…

Then of cox another round of purikura!!!!!!!

Hahahaha look at all our eyes, damn scary!!!! I wonder why the guys’ eyes were still small! I was thinking maybe the machine can only detect girl’s eyes! hahahha


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  • Reply P

    OMG you just remind me how amazing Japan was!! Too bad i don’t have time to blog about it yet. 🙁
    ANyway you look so flawless in all your pictures. Wad camera are you using and did you edit them or they just born to be so flawless naturally. I love it. OMGGGGGGG

    April 26, 2012 at 6:58 pm
  • Reply 3lin

    Such a wonderful trip. I cry as well when I watch that film. Is so touching!

    April 26, 2012 at 9:50 pm
  • Reply bobostephanie

    Halo Povy,
    Yea!!!! I miss Japan too! hehehe I think everyone who have been there have the same feeling too! Nikon D300 =)
    Not really flawless la, I don’t get acne often though, I only have blackheads. Of cox, I did smoothen my skin a lil for those closeup shots so you cant see the fine lines around my eyes

    3lin- Yea! super sad!!! =(

    April 26, 2012 at 11:11 pm
  • Reply May Kuan

    Am heading to japan in two weeks time!!! So excited about it!

    April 27, 2012 at 12:10 am
  • Reply cheryl

    May I know which brand of stocking did you wear in this post?

    April 29, 2012 at 4:06 pm
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