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Bonding with Bff

“Im motivated to blog so I have to complete an entry by today!” This is what I told myself when I was editing my pictures.

A little update on my current job…

Im currently learning how to draw 3 different types of pallets to put on our company’s brochure. It might look easy to you but trust me I’ve spent more than 2 hours trying to figure out how to draw it using the rectangular Marquee tool in Adobe Photoshop. Just to make it clear I didn’t major in Graphics or Design, so mind me.

Last Saturday Bff and I decided to have lunch and a shopping session in Pavilion. I remember the last time we went to Pavilion was a few months ago! Bff suggested to have chili Pan Mee in KL and I’m also a super fan of chili pan mee so why not? We went to the one in KL named KinKin. I was told that this is the original pan mee not Super kitchen. They both taste the same to me so it doesnt really matter who started first, as long as it’s chili pan mee Im fine with it!

This is my fav picture of the day! My parents say we look alike! What do you guys think??


The “Beeping UFO” description on the top is really funny and humorous. When I first saw it in the US, I was so amazed by it’s function.

Went to Snowflakes to have dessert

More pictures of me and bff

Black and white stripes! We wore the same colors, great minds think alike!

Red beans, peanuts and pearls with grass jelly and shaved ice is Jo’s favorite dessert.

Bff’s. You must be wondering where is mine. I dont really like desserts and ice cream, I dont know why but people tend to say girls love desserts but this doesnt apply to me at all. I always stare at Jo when he is enjoying his dessert.

Jo and I outside Cotton On.

After coming out from Forever21 something strange happened. I had this lingering feeling that I would bump into my mum in Pavilion. Guess what, I saw her walking towards me right after we passed by Parkson. I was like ” Ma! Why r u here?” She was like” Yes, ur dad is meeting up with his frens so I tagged along.” What a big big surprise. My sixth sense is super accurate. When I was walking towards Lot 10, I suddenly remembered one of my college friends that I haven’t been in contact with in a while, and YES . The minute I stopped thinking, he literary WALKED PAST ME!!! OMG, I should have bought a lottery tat day, maybe I would’ve been the next millionaire lo.

Since my parents were going to have dinner nearby so we decided to have dinner together. Dad brought us to have buffet in Grand Millenium, Sucked max! Dont ever try their buffet, it’s horrible and it cost RM 110 per pax.

We were supposed to go up to Genting for a yam cha session with the rest, but everyone couldn’t make it besides the 3 of us so we decided to head home and postpone our Genting trip to another week.


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