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Red Box & Sushi Zanmai

I  love Fridays aka FLYDAY! This is the day you get to FLY UP HIGH, pardon me. I have no idea what I am talking about.

Anyway  it’s another reunion with my ex-colleagues. Some of my frens say that it’s good that I still hang out with my ex colleagues, and in fact, I love them all! They’ve taught me a lot of things, gave me some good advice, and always there for me when I spilled my coffee, hahaha!

Flash back:  When I was still working in my previous company, I accidentally spilled my coffee, and immediately my miao miao gang were right next to me cleaning the table, keyboard and cups. Told you they are really nice people.

I realized I seldom  post pictures of my outfit, so here u go…

Top: F21

Leggings: F21

Bag: Louis Vuitton

Flats: Taiwan

1st round- Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens

Right: Me, Soo Chin, Vincent

Left: Shuk Yee, Stacy , Audrey

Miao1, 2, and 3

Miao 4, 5 and 6. (Sounds like a work out song hahaha)

The girls. Audrey boycotted everyone 0.0|||

So sorry, there is no pictures of all the food we ate. I showed up late and they finished all the food so by the time my food arrived, I was starving so I decided to just ‘Makan’ only. I will post more of our camwhore pictures as my apology.

Me and Soo Chin, who just came back from Germany.

So did Shuk Yee =D Should have stayed in the company longer wtf.

Audrey and I. She is the only person I know who has a very unique family name, Seto.

Stacy and I

After having dinner with the miao miao gang, we decided to have a little yam cha session in Paparich.

2nd round- Red Box, The Gardens

Fruits Platter. Jo finished the whole plate by himself.

BB mich and I, we were the earliest ones.

Then Shirley babe showed up =D

nooooo, my fren says Jo and I were starting to look alike, not sure if it’s a good compliment or a bad one.

The screen!

The girls and the guys didnt want to take a group pic =(

Dan brought along his so called “dai shou”

I got home at around 1am; we had to leave early cox Jo had to work the next day, booooooooooooo.


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