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“Balik Kampung” It’s time to say Goodbye

Finally, It’s time to pack up my things and leave. I have no idea what I should write about in this post and since it’s the last entry for my “Balik Kampung” series I might as well just throw in some pictures and captions.

Went back to uncle’s place and had a very yummy pineapple bun

Went to Mos Burger for lunch with sister cause parents were enjoying their high tea session with grandma. We tried something new; pork burger with rice instead of a bun. I was craving to have western food but ended up ordering the wrong thing and it turned out to be like having chinese in a fast food restaurant.

Taiwanese citizens are very into recycling. They even have to separate their straws, paper cups, wrappers and trays when disposing their food in fast food restaurants. Look how complicated it is, I was so gan cheong I might throw my paper cup into a wrong bin.

Went to walk around looking for a pink suitcase and wala I found it! Ended up I bought 2; a baby pink and a dark pink polka dot suitcase. Yup, it’s the one Audrey mentioned in her blog =D Here is the exact color of the suitcase in case u’re curious hehe.

Then we went to have mixed ice after dinner, my sis’s fav.

Looks like cotton candy!

and Malaysia airlines meals sucks max! Hate it!

Well, I think thats pretty much about it for my “Balik Kampung” series. I hope you’ve liked them as they’re not like any other travel posts I’ve done.

It’s more about food food food and the company.

Have a great day!

P/s: Jo and I are planning for a little getaway trip for our 5th anni. Im pretty excited about it. Hehe I cant wait till Dec!


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  • Reply Candy

    Hi ! I saw in Audrey’s blog about this pink polka dot suitcase you bought for her. where did you get it in taiwan? I am so interested in it! So Pretty!!! is it by some brand? THanks!

    November 17, 2010 at 4:48 pm
  • Reply bobostephanie

    Candy- I got it in Tainan, Taiwan. I believe you can get it in any shop that sell suitcase in Taiwan. I got it in some random suitcase shop in tainan so there is no specific brand name. =D

    November 17, 2010 at 9:03 pm
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