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Yenni’s 21st birthday

Thank god, I have finally finished all my Mid term exams. I don’t feel like commenting on my mid terms I know you understand that. So lets get back to the original topic of this post.

Few weeks ago we went to Chicago to celebrated Yenni’s 21st! Yupe, she is finally 21st!!! We have been waiting this day to come because we can finally hang out at bars after her 21st!

Yupe, you are only legally allowed into bars or to consume alcohol in The States if you’re 21 or above.

Jon planned out her birthday and invited everyone to head over to Chicago to stay 1 nite and have a fancy dinner. We went to Chicago on Friday afternoon right after everyone was done with their classes and work. There was only 5 of us who went to Chicago because the rest of our friends were busy with their school work and midterms. We arrived in Chicago at around 7pm and the first destination was to rush over to the cake shop to pick up Yenni’s birthday cake. Then we went to check in to our hotel room, changed and got ready for Yenni’s birthday dinner.

Our dinner reservation was at 9.30pm. The restaurant that Jon picked was Blackbird.

I love the interior of the restaurant it was very modern and cozy. The only thing I hated about the restaurant was the yellow lighting, it made all my pictures to turn out to be very yellow. I spent half the afternoon figuring out how to edit it to look more natural, but I failed.

They provided bag holders for their customers.

I love the taste of their butter with herbs but I’m not a big fan for their bread, it’s too hard.

I had NV Bugey Cerdon Sparkling Rose. I love the taste of it, its very bubbly and sweet =)

Enjoying my drink. I finished it right before the appetizer….

My daughter of the day, Bega Teoh Looi/Siow

Finally, a picture with our birthday girl.

Appetizer from the restuarant.

Appetizer :

Lentil crusted louisiana frog legs with chanterelles, local crabapples and medjool dates

Blue hill bay bouchot mussel soup with whitefish, saffron, garlic and basil

Main Course:

Slagel Family Farms ‘fried’ chicken with black mission figs, treviso and smoked potato salad

Roasted squab with braised lobster mushrooms, forbidden black rice and plums

Braised rack of lamb with Nichols Farm heirloom tomatoes, melrose peppers, red pepper panisse, dandelion greens and pita

Grilled iberico pork collar with fresh black beans, cipollini onions, honeydew melon, poblano pepper and brioche

The girls.

While we were waiting for the cake.

Yup, still waiting…

Yenni’s 21st Birthday cake.

The sweet couple and the beautiful cake =)

The most important part of the birthday, hope your wishes come true.

They modeled this cute little fondant girl according to Yenni’s picture.

Personally I think they look alike besides the blue eyes they put on little Yenni.

I just can’t wait to eat the cake haha

Brought the cake back to our hotel room and continued to take pictures with it.

With all the cute details, it’s worth paying more =)

We took a group pic with the birthday girl, before everyone went to bed.

We took a normal one and a goofy one =) Love it!

A simple celebration, a gathering of friends;
here is wishing you great happiness, a joy that never ends.
Happy Happy 21st Birthday!


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