Wedding Preparation – It’s Still Under Control

Back to update you guys on my wedding planning process!!

I really have to thank my wedding planner for doing almost everything for me including organizing my decoration, itinerary, bouquets, cakes, and, cookies! Seriously, without her my wedding will be a total mess hahaha.

Anyway, my wedding will be less than 2 weeks from now! I’m super excited, I cant wait to wear my white gown so I can show it to you guys!!!

OK, here are some of the things that I did during the past few weeks and months ==”

In August we went for a food tasting at Empire Hotel. Their food was surprisingly good especially their Pi Pa duck, so I asked my planner to arrange my gown change after this dish because I really want to eat this dish. Just so you know, our table cloth and chair covers will be in a different color, whites and pinks to match our Sakura theme.

I am finally done editing our pre-wedding video that will be played during our wedding dinner. We have one from the bridal shop that we engaged but the design and songs are seriously from dont know which era. So, Jo and I decided to do it ourselves. My to-do-list is completely checked off!

I have also found dresses for my bridesmaids to wear on our wedding from Su-estilo ! I wrapped them nicely in very cute pink & black paper bags! Inside the bag I included a thank you card that I wrote and a small gift! I think I did a great job on this, right right?? =)

I got a sponsorship from Style76 for my wedding day make up and hair do! It will be done by Hikky san, and I’ve done a few shoots with her before and she always does an amazing job! I was super happy when I heard they are sponsoring me! Went to Style 76 in Month Kiara for my make up trial and tried a few styles that I liked! I have around 5 outfits for my wedding, I know Im a bit crazy on this but I dont care it’s a once in a life time thing! I’ll be wearing Qua for the tea ceremony (20th Oct) then white gown that I bought from Taiwan on the ROM (20th Oct). Then another 4 outfits will be worn on the 27th of Oct which is our wedding banquet! I have a total of 4 gowns to be change into for that night hahahah. I will be pretty busy hahahah changing outfits and hair styles!

Mum is the best! She redecorated my room in my home town for my wedding! From baby blue to everything in pink and white!! My sister was like, “this is the princess room then this is Harry Porter’s (pointing at the room next door which my mum stuck everything in there).” I replied, ” Yea because I’m the princess.” hahahaha

We were supposed to combine all the songs that we wanted to be played on our wedding dinner but we got really lazy. So, Jo came up with this idea, why not we just buy a jazz love song compilation disc. I think it’s a brilliant idea so we bought one and we dont have to worry about the songs’ quality and all. =D

Last Saturday was our day to exchange gifts and wedding favors (过大礼). Sorry I have no idea what it’s called in English! I was in charge of buying everything including Jo’s presents from my parents. I bought him a wallet from Mulberry, pants from Docker’s, belt from Braun Buffel, shoes from Massimo Dutti, and the total damage was around RM2k ==” I bought the rest of the stuff from a shop located in SS2. Super convenient, I just need to walk in to the shop and tell them what I need and when, then they will pack it for us!

Last but not least, I had an amazing day with my bridesmaids and would like to thank them!! I will definitely blog about this soon, or when I’m free.


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    Omg you’re getting married soon!!!!!! 😀 Congratulations! 祝你们白头偕老!!

    October 12, 2012 at 4:52 pm
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