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Jo’s Birthday Celebrations

September is always a happy month for me cause this month is full of joy and celebration. For your information, Jo and I are both September babies, our birthdays are just 20 days apart. Jo always prefers a quiet birthday celebration with his loved ones, so we decided to have his pre-birthday dinner with the family and a nice birthday dinner with me on the actual day.

We decided to have Jo’s birthday dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Bangsar , they serve very very good Chinese food, yum. I will list this restaurant into my top 10 favorite Chinese restaurants in KL. My first favorite is still the Chinese restaurant back in my hometown, love their fried chicken!

Me and Jo’s mummy.

The Family

Me and Jo’s parents.

The birthday boy

I will just upload some of my favorite dishes of the dinner. Soft shell crab with bun, super juicy and yummy! I always love dishes that contains bun, like 悶肉加饅頭is my super favorite!

Then we have Chinese style steak.

牛排(steak),南乳排骨(ribs),魚(fish) and 豆腐(tofu)。

Well decorated vege.

Last but not least, eggplant & meat noodles.

After dinner we went straight to Pressroom to have a drink.

After work we went over to Solaris to pick up Jo’s cake that I ordered a few days ago.

Lighted the candles.

Made a wish…

Blew out the candles and cut the cake! We were craving to have something sweet so we ate the cake before dinner. Although it’s not a very good looking cake but it tasted really really good not too sweet or heavy.

Jo has been telling me about this restaurant when we were in the States and also after reading my fren’s blog about this restaurant, I decided to give it a try. I made a reservation 2 weeks ago and have been looking forward ever since.

Camwhored in the car

Dress – TopShop

Heels- Aldo

Bag- Chanel

Frangipani @ Changkat Street, KL . I think my watermark ruined this picture =(

What a coincidence, Frangipani first opened its door on Me and JO’s anniversary which is on the 24th of Dec.

Love their interior with a little pool in the middle of the restaurant. When I first stepped into the restaurant…

Waiter : ” Your first time here?”


Waiter:”Just so you know that is a pool in the middle, watch your step.”

Bo: “……” 0.0 Thanks

I can imagine people actually falling into the pool because it really does look like a floor, due to the flat and calm water surface.

Birthday boy looking at the menu.

I was busy taking pictures till Jo says” I think it’s time for you to look at the menu.”

more of my camwhored picture.

Copied from Jo’s facebook album caption “Fool playing with her phone”

Prawn & crab bisque

My favorite- Scallop

Squid ink risotto


Lychee sorbet


Wagyu beef cheeks. Melt in your mouth yummy.

I was in a hurry to take pictures of all the food that we ordered, so here are parts of it. After dinner we went over to Library at Mid Valley to meet up with Jo’s friends to have couple of drinks. The boys drank 5 jugs of beer and got really excited and suggested we should continue drinking at G6 in the Gardens. It was Jo’s birthday so everyone was so happy about it and I have no idea why! Alcoholics always come out with a very reasonable reason to drink.  Well at the end of the day, I was the one who had to send Jo and his friend home. Do I still need to say much about it? Hehehe I’m pretty sure everyone had fun, that is the most important part.

Last but not least, Happy Birthday my birthday boy.



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